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I recently reached the end of my #100happydays photo project. Here are some highlights from the final 25 days:

100happydays collage

Beach days, strawberries at the farmers’ market, watching the hubs perform with his a cappella group. An unexpected view from the seventh floor at work. Dinner on the balcony, solo soup lunches, stacks of library books, a good mail day. Lupines and concerts and red fields, from our PEI vacation.

It has occasionally been a challenge – technological or personal – to find bits of happiness for 100 days in a row. But mostly it has been a joy.

I’ve loved capturing the little things that brighten my days, sharing the photos I often snap anyway or taking the time to document moments of everyday delight. And I’ve loved sharing them – the response from friends and family, far-flung and near, has been inspiring and sweet and at times hilarious.

I may be officially “done” with documenting my happiness, but I’ll definitely continue to snap and share photos of things and people that make me smile.

What’s making you happy these days?

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100happydays round 3

The #100happydays love continues. The hubs and I, as you can see, have been spending much more time outside recently. He’s come to Harvard Square for several Friday lunches, including a trip to Shake Shack and a pizza picnic in the Yard. We also enjoyed tacos on our day out in Portsmouth, and I’m growing a whole patio full of basil.

Other highlights: hearing my friend Paige preach; long walks to the beach and around campus; the delicate scent of lilacs. Watching our students graduate last week. Solo breakfasts and dinners, in the company of good books; a Sunday afternoon reading Parnassus on Wheels on the patio; and episodes of my latest BBC obsession, Call the Midwife.

What’s making you happy these days?

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100happydays collage 2

I’m still participating in the #100happydays project – I’m a little over halfway through. Here, some highlights from the past few weeks:

Creamy jalapeno soup on a chilly night. A gorgeous fleur-de-lis in my (Nutella) hot chocolate. Tulips, at the local florist and in the Public Garden.

Budding trees and forsythia everywhere I look. Lush foliage (and colorful murals) on my trip to Austin. A weekend with my favorite nephew, and another weekend in Vermont with friends.

A delicious al fresco dinner with my husband, on the day of the Boston Marathon. A tempting stack of library books, an adorable (and yummy) Easter bunny cookie, wise words from the Dalai Lama, and brand-new colorful capri pants.

As Serenity noted last week, the happy things are everywhere. I’m grateful to this project for helping me notice them.

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