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Most of the time, I don’t mind the office life. (Though we all know I’d rather be writing in a cafe in some exotic location.) My office has enough space for me, and I’ve brought in a few colorful items to make it feel homey. However, after a few hours of working within the same four walls, I need to get out.

I usually bring my lunch from home – leftovers or soup in a Tupperware box, stacked neatly in the fridge with everyone else’s leftovers. There’s also a food court downstairs, making it even less necessary to leave the building. But I always need to stretch my legs, and I frequently have errands to run or someplace I want to visit. And I want to get out into the city, get to know my new downtown neighborhood, try to learn the rhythm of this new dance I’m a part of every day. So even if it’s freezing (and it frequently is), I pull on my coat and hat, sling my purse over my shoulder, and I’m off.

Often I head out the door and turn east, to visit the post office or the bank or spend a little while browsing at the Brattle. I’ve treated myself to a lunch or two at Thinking Cup, on the days when we run out of leftovers or I need a little something special.

Sometimes I head west, either to ramble around the Public Garden, pop into Paper Source to ogle the pretty stationery, or stroll down to Copley Square to browse the closing sale at Borders. (The big, glass-fronted Borders in Downtown Crossing is staying open, but the one near Copley will be gone soon.) Sometimes I head north up Charles Street, to browse the clothing racks at Second Time Around, and peek in the pretty windows of boutiques whose wares I can’t afford.

When it’s warmer I plan to take my lunch and a book out to the Common, to read and eat and watch the people and let the breezes play with my hair. It’s still too cold to do that, but for now, at least I can get a little exercise, take care of a life detail or two, or simply stop in somewhere for a chai latte, a good book or a bouquet of fresh flowers. (This habit is not, I admit, always great for my wallet. But it’s good for my body and my soul.)

How do you spend your lunch breaks?

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