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  • When I successfully hand- or machine-wash an article of clothing labeled Dry Clean Only, saving on present and future dry-cleaning bills.
  • When I schedule a haircut, dental appointment or other nagging, grown-up life admin item.
  • When I return all my library books on time.
  • When I keep a plant alive through the winter.
  • When I put together an outfit of which my fashionista sister and mother would be proud. (This often involves at least one piece of clothing or jewelry given to me by one of them.)
  • When I have a successful phone conversation with someone I don’t know. (There are few things I dread more. Sometimes I actually pray for people not to answer the phone.)
  • When I pull off a new, complicated recipe or knitting pattern.
  • When I finish a difficult book.
  • When I send off a well-written book review. (Extra points if it’s a review of a difficult book.)
  • When I successfully navigate a new city, particularly if I do it by instinct.
  • When I buy a gift for someone and they love it.

What makes you feel absurdly, disproportionately, proudly accomplished?

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