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Our weekends tend to ebb and flow around here.

Sometimes it’s nice (or necessary) to stick close to home, sleeping in, going to the library and the grocery store, cleaning and baking and simply soaking in the quiet. Other times we like to hop in the car for a brief adventure (like an afternoon in Marblehead, or a couple of hours in downtown Hingham). And sometimes, a Saturday – or in this case, a Friday holiday – calls for a local road trip.

J actually brought up the idea of going to Amherst, though I’d long wanted to tour Emily Dickinson’s house (and he agreed to indulge my poetic geek side). We left mid-morning and reached Dickinson’s house just in time for the 11:30 tour, guided by a sweet older lady who had lots of Emily’s poems committed to memory. You can’t take photos inside, but the exterior is lovely:

After the tour, we needed sustenance, so we headed to the Black Sheep Deli, just up the street:

Mmm. Delicious sandwiches, and a fun, vibrant, local atmosphere. We liked it so much we went back later for chai, apple cider and cream cheese brownies. YUM.

We blew our book budget at the lovely Amherst Books, and strolled around the campus of Amherst College, trying to imagine ourselves living in a little college town like this, tucked away in the Connecticut River Valley, so much farther from the urban hustle and bustle than we usually find ourselves.

We’re not moving any time soon. But we will be coming back here.

What adventures are you having lately? (And for you New Englanders – what other towns should we visit?)


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