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Charge Laughing

In March, when we were down in Austin for Joey’s wedding, Jeremiah and I wound up at the Zach Scott Theatre, a super-cool, in-the-round venue, for a showcase called Zach by Zach Scott, part of SXSW. The lineup included some amazing musicians, such as the soulful Dave Madden, the sassy Molly Venter, a couple of bands from Denmark (whose names I have forgotten), the insanely talented John Pointer, and the fabulous Ginger Leigh.

She asked us, the audience, to help her out – she was entering a contest sponsored by Ellen DeGeneres to find a new “anthem” – and so she had us sing along with her on her personal anthem, “Charge Laughing.” I stumbled on the video on her site yesterday, so here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Jeremiah and I are actually in there twice – at about 1:16 and 2:39, on the right side of the screen. I’m the one in the green scarf; he’s beside me, and on my other side are our friends Craig and Laura.

Happy Friday, everyone. And go forward laughing.

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