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We’ve been here in Quincy for a week and a half now. It feels like much longer – in a good way.

Our little flat/apartment, the second story of a big, roomy three-story house, already feels like home. Right now we’re sprawled on the couches with our laptops, listening to Ray LaMontagne, soaking up the last bits of weekend relaxation and mentally prepping for the week.

I hardly know where to start, to tell you all about our new place and new life. Here are a few photos:

The living room is already where we hang out, listening to music, watching Friends (and eating dinner, since the dining-room table is still covered in boxes/junk). The whole place has white walls, lovely moldings, lots of windows and hardwood floors (well, tile in the kitchen and bathroom). These features give it such a clean, fresh feel.

My bathroom still has Paris in it:

I miss my red countertops from Abilene, but I’m loving my spacious little kitchen here:

And my pantry, which holds our little toy fridge, all our food and other random things like the mop, broom, iron and tools:

Our sweet friend Julie decoupaged a table for us as a going-away gift, and everyone in our small group signed it on the bottom. It has pride of place in the living room:

Possibly my favorite feature is the little patio, where I’ve been eating breakfast, drinking tea and doing some writing:

(As you can tell, the striped teacup, a gift from sweet Abi, is getting a lot of use.)

I’ve also gotten a library card, found a yoga studio and attended two classes, walked along the beach with my husband, explored the North End of Boston a bit, walked the Beacon Hill area, been to two farmer’s markets, located Wal-Mart after a long search, drunk lots of tea, unpacked a LOT of boxes and (finally) started hanging stuff on the walls. We’ve made friends with our landlords, who live downstairs, and our upstairs neighbors; found the good local pizza place; driven down to the marina (it’s a bit too posh for us, but pretty); visited a lovely little church twice; and cooked a few meals in our own kitchen. Slowly, slowly, we’re settling in.

More photos to come of the dining/book room and both bedrooms, which are still very much in progress. But I’m thrilled with our new little place and thought you’d like to see it. More soon, friends.

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