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idaho view boise mountains treasure valley

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself on a westbound plane, traveling way past my usual west Texas destination. Some beloved friends of mine moved from Boston to Boise last spring, and welcomed their second daughter right after Christmas. So I hopped a plane to the “big sky” country and spent several days soaking up time with my dear ones and exploring a brand-new place.

abi katie boise state house

Abigail and I, and our respective husbands, have been friends since our college years. We all – plus our friend Shanna – moved to Boston together in 2010, and the five of us got one another through that first difficult year (and snow-covered winter). I’ve missed Abi dreadfully since they moved, and we hardly stopped talking the whole time I was there.

We spent an afternoon wandering downtown Boise: visiting the Capitol (above), Goldy’s for a delicious brunch, Rediscovered Books for copies of the new Flavia de Luce mystery, and Snake River Tea for some afternoon caffeine.

rediscovered books boise bookstore interior

Of course, a main object of my visit was meeting this little lady.


Miss Genevieve is a sunny little thing – happy to snuggle or just hang out, and fascinated by her big sister, Evie. We had lots of cuddle time while watching the Olympics, and I think we’re going to be friends.

On Saturday, Abi and I drove with the girls up to Table Rock, high above Treasure Valley, where Boise sits. It was cold and windy – more so than we expected – at the top, and Genevieve was not impressed. (Poor baby girl.) But once Miss E adjusted, she was fascinated by the views and the rocks. “I want to go to the edge!”

katie evie table rock wind

We all had a delicious dinner at Fork that night, and we spent most of Sunday out in nearby Caldwell, where a lot of Abi’s extended family lives. I’ve known Abi’s parents for years, and it was so fun to see them and slide right back into the cheery family chaos at their house. I loved seeing Abi’s sister Bailey, who is my friend and a former student, and meeting a few other relatives I’d heard about over the years. Also: white chicken chili + Olympic speed skating + cheesy jokes from Abi’s dad, Allen = feeling right at home.

It wouldn’t be a Katie-and-Abi weekend without lots of tea. This was Sunday afternoon: Earl Grey, of course. We both love it, but Abi is an Earl Grey connoisseur.

afternoon tea teacups tray

There’s a little park around the corner from Abi and Nate’s house, and I went for a couple of runs there. It was my first time running in high altitude (Boise is about 2,700 feet above sea level), which was a challenge. But I loved the mountain views and the pink sky.

boise park pink sky pond

Mostly, it was so good to be together: washing dishes, cooking dinner, watching the Olympics, talking and talking and talking. We folded laundry and made scones, and Evie climbed into my bed to cuddle on a couple of mornings. Nate gave me the tour of his workplace and we traded stories about work and church and classes. And Abi and I talked about nearly everything under the sun.

I’d never imagined myself hopping a plane to Boise. But after this visit, I can say for sure: I’ll be going back.

abi gen smile


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baby evie

This is Evie, who belongs to my dear friends Abigail and Nate. She was born in May, and I’ve gotten to spend some time hanging out with her (and Abi) this summer. Which definitely qualifies as a sweet delight.

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strawberry book breakfast

After a hot, humid end to May and a truly frigid beginning to June (two days of April-like chilly drizzle and occasional downpours), the weather is behaving a little more like summer. I’m already drinking my favorite summer teas and eating strawberries with my breakfast – but there are a hundred other things I love about summer. So here are a few I’d like to indulge in:

  • Eat all the summer fruits (rhubarb, peaches, tomatoes and every kind of berry I can find)
  • Related: go to the farmers’ market at Harvard and maybe the one over at Copley Square
  • Wear skirts and shorts as often as possible
  • Get a pedicure (or two)
  • Snuggle my friends’ baby, Evie, whom I met last week (isn’t she precious?)

katie baby evie

  • Go visit my family in Texas
  • Laugh and laugh with J at episodes of Modern Family (we’re newly hooked)
  • Go kayaking on the Charles River (I went for the first time recently, and it was fantastic)

charles river view boston sailboat

  • Drink lemonade and sangria
  • Eat lots of ice cream (and fro-yo)
  • Take lots of long walks (to counterbalance the ice cream)
  • Soak up every bit of summer sunshine – summer in New England is lovely but fleeting.

What’s on your list for this summer?

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A wee raspberry cardigan

I did a lot of baby knitting this summer, including cardigans and other accessories for my nephew Ryder and niece Annalynn. I’m looking ahead to fall knitting (for me!), but first I had to send a wee sweater down to D.C. for my pen pal Jaclyn, who welcomed sweet Emily in August.

puerperium cardigan girl madelinetosh
Like Ryder’s, this little cardi is made of Madelinetosh Tosh DK (this colorway is called Tart). It’s also the same pattern, which is unisex, simple and adorable. Emily was born early, so it’s probably still too big, but she’ll grow into it and I like to think she’ll look stylish when she does.

Baby knits are so satisfying – they’re super quick and virtually guaranteed to turn out cute. If you’re a knitter, what are your favorite things to knit for babies?

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New niece knits

In addition to my sweet nephew Ryder, I have a brand-new niece. Annalynn Danielle was born at the end of July, and while I haven’t met her yet, I did whip up a little something to send down to Texas for her.

girl baby hat cardigan knitted pink

That’s the Easy Baby Cardigan from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, and the Children’s Cotton Hat from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. (That’s the fourth of those hats I’ve made. So easy, quick and cute.) Both are made of Blue Sky Cotton.

I’ve done very little knitting this summer, but I did work on a few projects during the Olympics. I’m making myself a shawl (not nearly done, but progressing), and I’ve begun my 2012 batch of hats for Innocent’s Big Knit. I knit these wee hats for smoothie bottles every year (or I have since 2008) – they are fun and quick, and a fabulous way to use up yarn scraps.

If you’re a knitter or crocheter, what’s on your needles lately?

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Nearly a month ago now, my sister had a baby boy. And last weekend, I hopped a plane down to west Texas to see him. As you doubtless can guess, I fell instantly and deeply in love.

We spent a lot of time together – snuggling and just hanging out. For such a wee one, he was remarkably wide awake, and oh, I enjoyed getting to know him.

My grandparents came up for the weekend, to see him and to see me, and there were four generations of laughter and love in my parents’ house, which is a precious and delightful thing.

Mom, Betsy, Neno and Ryder

Dad snuggling with Ryder

And, of course, there was baby knitting. I’d been working on a cardigan for him before I left (the pattern is Puerperium):

puerperium baby cardigan sweater stripes

It’s too big for him now, but I hope he’ll fit into it by the time the weather turns cool. (More details on Ravelry.)

While I was there I knitted him some wee socks out of the leftovers. Also too big, but not for long:

baby socks knitted newborn

I’m already scheming to go back and see him as soon as I can. I am one happily besotted auntie.

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New nephew knits

The big news of the past week? I’m finally an aunt.

Ryder Andrew was born on Tuesday afternoon – healthy and adorable and now home. My sister is a proud, sleep-deprived, happy mama, and my parents are reveling in their first grandchild.

I won’t get to meet him for a few more weeks, but I did a little knitting before he arrived, and sent a package down to Texas with a few warm, soft accessories for him to wear.

newborn magic slippers knitted

These are the Magic Slippers for babies, knit mostly in Madelinetosh Sock (with a few yards of leftover Malabrigo Sock to finish up). (Here’s the Ravelry link with more details.)

And the matching hat (an Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat, also in Madelinetosh Sock (Ravelled here):

newborn baby hat knitted sock yarn

I can’t wait to meet him, and see him model these knits. And since babies grow awfully fast, I wonder what I should knit for him next?

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