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Cycling and cookies

As of yesterday, I have joined the ranks of Oxford cyclists. That’s right. I have a BIKE. A funky used green one, bought at Cycle King on the Cowley Road. I have a lock and two lights and everything. Not a basket yet, though that will soon be forthcoming, I think.

I cycled over to Canterbury Road to show off my new toy, and wound up joining some of the crew for a mad game of barefoot Frisbee in the Parks. (Cold grass=better than playing in loafers.) I’ve added a grass stain to my favourite jeans (the ones I’ve had since I was 17), and some more memories to my cache.

Last night, after cycling back to Cowley, I attempted chocolate chip cookies in a Celsius oven with no measuring cups, no baking soda, and chopped-up chocolate bars instead of chips. The verdict? Well, I took a batch over to the boys today and they were gone in half an hour. So they must have turned out all right.

This morning I cycled to the open market at Gloucester Green (traffic in Oxford is absolutely terrifying on a bike), and bought fruit and paper towels. Walked into the basement kitchen a little later, and Moose said, “Hey. Welcome home.” 🙂 It’s nice to be loved.

My first official Brookes event comes up on Saturday, which is also my twenty-fourth birthday. And school starts in 12 days. Get excited…

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