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I posted recently about how I’ve been converted to yoga, thanks to a wonderful class in New York and then finding a fabulous local instructor. (My after-work yoga class is yet another reason to love Tuesdays, which are already pretty wonderful because of coffee night.)

Then I discovered Marianne Elliott’s blog, and signed up for her 30 days of yoga class, which starts this weekend and comes with a personalized yoga video (aptly named “Exactly What You Need”). And then, I found (via Marianne) a link to Bindu Wiles’ site, and her 21.5.800 challenge – for 21 days, you commit to do yoga 5 days a week and write 800 words a day. (It started Tuesday.)

This is all dovetailing beautifully. One of the items on my 26 things list was to start exercising regularly – and I’m thrilled to have discovered a form of exercise that works on both the body and spirit. I need accountability to keep me writing; 800 words a day seems like a fairly manageable word-count goal. And I’m so excited to begin with my own video from Marianne.

I’m not sure yet what form my 800 words will take; some of them will be blog posts, some will be journal entries. I hope to make a start on a larger project as well; we’ll see. (And, of course, some of them will be letters or emails to friends.) There are no rules on what the words can be – which is so freeing – but there’s still a goal to work toward.

There are nearly 400 of us participating across the blogosphere; I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. And since I spend my workdays sitting at a desk, I’m especially excited about doing all this yoga. I hope, somehow, that moving and bending and stretching my body will have some of the same effect on my words.

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