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For the days when I need some serious silliness (and what better day than a Friday?), I turn to my old friends the Muppets. Their YouTube channel is a gold mine of videos old and new. Jeremiah and I have our favorites; my Oxford housemates and I also have our favorites. And if you haven’t seen the one below, you should really jump on the bandwagon (it has more than 14 MILLION views):

Here are our other Muppet faves (I won’t torture you by embedding 12 videos, so click on the links):

1. Beaker, Animal and the Swedish Chef sing “Danny Boy.”
2. Beaker sings “Feelings” (in a green velvet tux!)
3. Sam Eagle and the crew sing “Stars and Stripes Forever!”
4. Telly and James Blunt sing “My Triangle” (to the tune of “You’re Beautiful”). (This is why I call Lizzie “my triangle.”)
5 . Norah Jones and Elmo don’t know why the letter “Y” didn’t come.
6. Andrea Bocelli sings Elmo to sleep. (Elmo does get annoying, but my friend Jo loves this one.)
7. Beaker plays ALL the instruments in “Ode to Joy.”
8. REM joins the Muppets for “Furry Happy Monsters.”
9. The beloved Marvin Suggs plays the Muppaphones.
10. Beaker, Animal and the Swedish Chef ring the bells.
11. Gonzo and the chickens get classical.

Any other Muppet greatness I’ve missed? (If you’re not smiling yet, click the links, for goodness’ sake!)

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