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After a warm, almost sultry Labor Day weekend, this week has been chill, damp, rainy and generally miserable. I’ve come to work every day wearing my raincoat, leggings, a scarf, and my newest indispensable wet-weather accessory:

After going through two cheap Target pairs in three months, I splurged a bit and bought some Bogs. So far, I love them – because they’re sturdy, comfy, warm and RED. They’ve been a literal bright spot in a rather dreary week.

Happy Friday – we’re hoping for a sunnier weekend around here, and I wish you a lovely weekend, too.

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hints of autumn

Autumn is playing with us here in Abilene. Usually she doesn’t show her face until at least October, maybe peeking in the window on a cool night or whispering in your ear with a morning breeze. Most years, we sweat and broil and moan our way through September. (And sometimes October too.)

But this year is different. Since we came back from Europe, the weather has been surprisingly mild, even chilly. I’ve been putting my pashmina scarves (I have, ahem, seven) to good use. I’ve been sitting on the front porch, barefoot and wearing jeans and a cardigan, reading and sipping tea while the rain plinks down. I’ve been dreaming of making pumpkin bread and buying fall-scented candles and brewing apple cider. And I’ve been wearing my boots for four days.

I have one tall, high-heeled black pair, buttoned down the sides, from Delia’s, and I’ve been rockin’ ’em with skirts and dresses, for that fun fall-ish chic. And I have another pair, calf-hugging brown suede flat ones, that I bought in Oxford and wore in Paris, and they’re keeping my legs warm today.

Autumn, darling, perhaps you are just flirting with all of us. But oh, it feels so nice – no matter if you steal away a few more times before coming back to stay.

(P.S. Thanks to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes. I had a gorgeous day and a lovely party – I love being 26, so far!)

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