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I met these lovelies at the Integrate Retreat last weekend in NYC. Jen (in the front, with the curls) hosted us at the Sofia Inn in Brooklyn, and oh my, the whole weekend was magical. We talked, wrote, laughed, sang, drank tea, ate chocolate, saw Wicked together, did yoga, explored Brooklyn, cried and laughed some more. And that’s just the beginning.

This week I am missing Beth, Sandra, Crystal, Phyllis, Jenna, Annette, Julie, Jen and Amelia. What lovely souls, and what a fabulous time we had together. Until we “reintegrate,” I’ll be thinking of them.

More photos and stories to come…

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Since Jen posted this song on her blog about a month ago, I’ve been listening to it over and over. Not that I’m about to pack up and move to Brooklyn (though sometimes I wish I could). But it stirs something in me – the act of taking a huge, definite step; the quiet, growing excitement of a big adventure; the admission that sometimes the most vital things are the hardest to say. It also speaks to me in ways I can’t articulate. I hope that, perhaps, it will also move you.

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