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Inspired by Ali’s post a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d do a little capture of where I am right now. I guess I’m still in list mode with the blog posts, but today, instead of a list of books or photos, you get a list about me.

1. I am really loving the Mondo Beyondo e-course, which started Monday, hosted by Jen Lemen and Andrea Scher. It’s a five-week class about dreaming, and so far the exercises and stories shared have been powerful. There are some things I will probably share here later, but for now, let’s just say I’m SO glad to be in the course.

2. I am working through a meaty to-do list while Ron (my boss) is on a much-needed vacation. The list isn’t long, but each task on it involves time, focus and other people. I’m trying to tackle one or two projects a day; so far, so good.

3. I am enjoying the early onset of autumn – baking pumpkin-chocolate-chip squares, burning fall candles, wearing scarves and long-sleeved tops and boots. However, I am not enjoying the headaches that come with wildly fluctuating weather, and the chilliness of our house in the morning and at night. (It’s not cold enough to turn the heat on, but it’s still chilly.)

4. I am one week into Ali’s Yesterday and Today class, and loving that, too. We’ve been talking about the stories we want to tell through our scrapbooks; I’m excited to start making some actual layouts this week. Ali is such an inspiration to me, in scrapbooking and in life.

5. I am (well, Jeremiah and I are) trying to plan meals and grocery shop at the beginning of each week. We’re on Week 3 of this and doing pretty well – realizing that we can adapt and switch around meals as we go. We’re trying for variety, health and yumminess in our meals. (Last night’s main course was twice-baked potatoes – mmmm.)

6. I am only getting enough sleep about half the time. It’s hard for me to put down the pen/computer/knitting needles and just go to bed. By the same token, it’s been hard to get up in the morning. I need to get into a better rhythm here.

7. I am rejoicing with Lee and Stephanie, our neighbors, about the birth of their new baby, Liam Pierce Fletcher. (Photos here.) I knitted him a little hat and bib, and they were a hit – with his mama, anyway!

8. I am deep into gift knitting – for babies, Christmas presents, and a just-because scarf for Mom, per her request. I love making gifts for others with my hands, and the way it forces me to look outside myself. (Sometimes I get too wrapped up in knitting pretty things just for me – though that has a place, too.)

9. I am loving my community – or communities. Good talk with the ladies at coffee night on Tuesdays; laughter and prayer with the Lifeteam on Sundays; long talks with Bethany; and all the fun and informative stuff in the blogosphere and on Twitter.

10. I am looking forward to spending some time with family soon – my sister is coming in next weekend (and maybe bringing my mom); we’re going down to Kerrville soon to visit my grandparents; and we’re planning to go visit my dad’s family for Thanksgiving. The older I get and the longer I’m married, the more precious I find my family to be.

That’s it for the moment. Where are you right now?


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Top eight reasons it’s a Monday:

8. I was ten minutes late to my morning meeting with Eric Gumm…why am I so pathologically constantly-running-behind?
7. I could NOT stay awake the last 15 minutes of music history…resulting in lots of guilt that I was disrespecting Dr. Straughn and missing the rest of his lecture on medieval monophony. Which is really interesting, by the way.
6. Got a peek at next spring’s schedule bulletin and I might have to take Preston Harper’s class after all…and a class conflict might preclude me from taking Steven Moore’s. GRRRR.
5. Dropped my full cup of lemonade at Chick-fil-A in front of about twenty thousand people, and yes, it spilled EVERYWHERE. Fortunately Alyssa Johnson had enough presence of mind to remark, “At least my [lemonade-doused] feet are refreshed.”
4. I am never eating Chick-fil-A again…it’s greasy and it doesn’t fill you up. What a wonderful combination. Down with American fast-food restaurants (except Rosa’s, of course)…
3. Amber scared me to death when I came into work by informing me that they had to clear the desktop on the malfunctioning computer and so all of my files had been deleted…I almost had a heart attack right there. Four weeks of work on ACU Today EXperiences (alumni news) is not something to joke about. She was kidding, but still…
2. Spent $200 on a music history book that weighs about 20 tons…that doubled my expenditure on books for the semester. Granted, it’s not my money (thank God for scholarships), but STILL…
1. This Web photo album project is quickly approaching ridiculous. Whose idea was this, anyway? Mel and I have already put in a ton of work on this, but it’s taking a lot longer than we thought and now I have to scour the server for pictures. And someone (one of those millions of offices over in the Ad Building) is impatient with us because it’s not up yet. Spare me the criticism, people…or you can come over here and do it. I mean, really.

On the bright side, it’s a beautiful day outside. And I had a great voice lesson this morning…there’s nothing like belting “On My Own” from Les Mis to a very appreciative audience (my voice teacher, who gets REALLY excited when I do well). And tonight Bethany and I are going to Target to buy a sofa slipcover. Preferably on sale. But we’ll have fun whichever way it goes.

C’est la joie de vivre…

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