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The hubs and I recently watched Clue, for the first time in a while. We quote it incessantly (“Flames on the side of my face!” “Well, to make a long story short…” “Too late!”) but it had been several years since we’d enjoyed it in full. If you love the board game, the ’80s or ridiculously campy humor, I highly recommend it.

Afterward, I mentioned a trend I’ve noticed recently: Most of our favorite movies involve a lot of yelling.

I don’t mean my favorite movies (You’ve Got Mail, The Sound of Music) or his favorite movies (Schindler’s List, Field of Dreams). I mean our favorite movies: the ones we love to watch together. The ones we quote on a daily or weekly basis. The ones that make up a substantial part of our vernacular, along with a few beloved TV shows: Friends, Castle and Modern Family, which also frequently get loud.

A partial list: The Emperor’s New Groove. (“Yay! I’m a llama again!”) Pirates of the Caribbean. (“Why is the rum gone?!”) Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (“I don’t know that!”) The Princess Bride. (“Inconceivable!”) The original Star Wars films, both for the battle scenes and C-3PO’s incessant cries of “We’re doomed!” And, of course, anything and everything involving the Muppets. Even White Christmas, thanks to Danny Kaye, has its fair share of shouting. Honorable mentions include The Money Pit, Singin’ in the Rain (Cosmo Brown!) and the old Pink Panther films starring Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau.

Some of it’s a function of the genres we watch together. Adventure and comedy films inevitably involve a fair bit of noise: explosions, shouting matches, attempts to save the world – or just the day – gone horribly wrong. (The Muppets’ adventures tend to include all of the above.) There’s also a lot of winking at the camera: whether the characters overtly break the fourth wall (or smash right through it, in the case of the Muppets), the audience is almost always in on the joke.

I can’t forget the nostalgia factor, of course – we’ve loved and quoted a lot of these movies, especially New Groove, Pirates and Clue, since our college days. And honestly, a lot of times it’s pure escapism. I usually don’t have a socially acceptable reason to scream at the top of my lungs, but it cracks me up when my favorite characters do it: “They don’t KNOW we know they know we know!”

I love a sweet romantic comedy or a beautifully shot epic saga as much as the next viewer. My husband is partial to dark psychological thrillers, which, frankly, creep me out. But if we’re on the couch together, you can usually find us watching something funny. And cracking up when things get loud.

Do you notice any oddball themes in your favorite movies?

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My friend Val is a big-time evangelist for the things she loves. Over the years, she’s introduced me to several books/films/series/places I adore.

1. Harry Potter. I know I’ve said before that Val literally pushed her British edition of Philosopher’s Stone across the coffee table to me, all but begging me to just give it a chance. And when I loved it, she gladly lent me the rest of the series, without a single “I told you so.”

2. Newsies. She was properly horrified when I confessed I’d never seen it all the way through. She actually has some of the dance routines MEMORIZED. Needless to say, she sat me down to watch it, pronto.

3. Clue, the movie. This was the movie at House 9 Abilene for about a semester, as Val became obsessed with introducing it to everyone who hadn’t seen it. Pure late-80s satire/slapstick gold.

4. Gilmore Girls. Val is one of several girlfriends (also Jacque, Lizzie, Charity, Stephanie and others) who knew I would love this show, and though I held out for a long time, it turns out she (and they) were soooo right.

5. Costume parties, and any excuse to have one. We had Oscar parties, Halloween parties, come-dressed-as-someone-from-Oxford parties, pretty much any kind of costume party Val could think of. All held in the House 9 living room, full of good food and movies and dear friends and endless rounds of the “What If?” game.

6. Pine Cove. This is possibly Val’s favorite place on earth. She took a bunch of us there to be the work crew/hang out one weekend in college, and it was gorgeous and SO fun. (She works there now, and I’m sure she loves PC even more now than she did then.)

7. Scene-It, the movie board game – which is Val’s ideal game, since she’s a movie buff. So fun, though I’ve never beaten her, and don’t expect to.

(Val and I already loved a lot of the same things, like Lord of the Rings, You’ve Got Mail, Singin’ in the Rain, musicals and chick flicks in general, board games, and long evenings spent laughing with friends. But these gems might never have made their way into my life if not for her. So thanks, Val Pal. You rock.)

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