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I have just a few purple images to share with you today.

First up are the crocuses in University Parks, which bloom just after the snowdrops and are a sure sign that spring is coming:

(Aren’t they sweet? I’d never seen crocuses in real life before coming to Oxford. They are so delicate and Secret Garden-esque.)

Next we have tulips on Morrell Avenue, near my little house:

And hyacinths at Merton College:

My favourite purple spring flower hides in the curve of Queen’s Lane, which runs around the edge of Hertford College, past the entrance to New College, curves around the corner of All Souls College, then passes behind Queen’s College and beside St Edmund Hall before it empties onto the High Street. At the corner of Queen’s Lane and the High is Queen’s Lane Coffee House, where the scones are always warm and the tea comes in elegant glass mugs. (The hot chocolate is also delicious.)

I often rode my bike down Queen’s Lane to avoid walking it down Cornmarket Street, the main drag which is pedestrians-only, or to shortcut some of the craziness of the High. But once the wisteria started blooming, I rode down Queen’s Lane as often as I could for the sight and smell of this sweet purple:

Mmmm. Wonderful.

And finally, the sunsets in South Parks can be pink or gold, but are sometimes a bit purply:

I love every subtle shade, every cloud, every spire, every light that twinkles out across the valley. I think it may be time to plan another trip.

Happy Thursday to you.


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It’s yellow day here and over at Poppytalk – so here are some glimpses of spring sunshine in Oxford!

Daffodils in University Parks:

And at Balliol College, alma mater of Lord Peter Wimsey, Dorothy Sayers’ gentleman detective:

Luscious fruits at the weekly Wednesday open market, Gloucester Green:

Tulips in University Parks:

Yellow roses climbing a house on Morrell Avenue, which curves up Headington Hill, and which was my route to school:

And finally, a bit of gold in an early spring sunset, with dreaming spires aplenty:

Hope you enjoy this yellow – Abby is also playing along, and the shots in the Flickr pool are gorgeous.

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Jan over at Poppytalk is hosting a week of spring color – similar to the autumn color week she hosted back in the fall. I’m playing along, as I did last fall, but spring isn’t quite in full force here yet, so I’m mostly using photos from – guess where? – Oxford and Europe, in spring 2008.

So here are my photos for today, which is pink:

(The tulip tree next to my beloved St Mary’s, whose tower boasts the best view of Oxford)

(Pink trees near our hostel in Paris, in the Marais, April 2008)

(Pink petals carpeting the ground on Winchester Road, north Oxford, May 2008)

(This tree leans way out into the High Street – the only blooming thing on the block, at St Mary’s)

(And finally, a sunset in South Parks, one of my favourite haunts in the cool, green-scented spring evenings.)

Happy pink Monday!

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Red! It’s my favourite colour, as anyone who knows me well will tell you. This is the last post for colour week – it’s been such fun. I had a hard time choosing red images for you, because there were so many. But, sticking to the Europe-in-autumn theme, here they are:

red castle leaves

This, again, is from Galway – part of the university there, where Colton was studying abroad for a semester. I know I’ve been talking about Ireland all week, but I can’t help it. It’s been on my mind.

all souls flowers

Back in Oxford, here we are at All Souls College – where these beauties were just begging to be photographed against the quad wall.

st johns front

Here’s the front of St John’s, in all its scarlet autumn glory. I loved this sight and was so sad when the leaves eventually turned brown.

jericho cafe interior

Yet another of my favourite haunts in Oxford – the Jericho Cafe, on Walton Street. They do a wonderful homemade raspberry flapjack, and I’ve stopped here for many a cup of tea to warm my insides and an hour of quiet to soothe my soul.

pickle abiding

This is my friend Nathan – one of my dungeon guys, known fondly to one and all as “Pickle,” his surname. I heard music coming from the back garden that afternoon and wandered out to investigate. He was just “abiding” – a favourite dungeon pastime, which means just being where you are, soaking it in. (We called the dungeon the “Abode of Abide” that semester.) Anyway, his fingers made magic on the guitar that afternoon, as I sat and sipped my tea and listened. And abided.

jq me red coats

This photo was taken in April, not autumn – but it’s Jacque and me, in our red coats, in Paris, and I LOVE it.

me st johns

Finally, here I am in St John’s gardens – yes, this is a self-portrait. The jeans are my old, worn-in traveling pants, and the pashmina is an Oxford one (of course). What a wonderful day.

Happy weekend to you.

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I’m playing along again today with Poppytalk’s autumn colour week. I’m not on Flickr yet, but you can check out the autumn Flickr pool. Some beautiful, and surprising, photos there.

Continuing the trend of using Oxford/Europe photos, here we go:st johns tree

I spent a long time one afternoon in the gardens of St John’s College, wandering, taking photos, reading. Both the photo above and the one below are from that day:

st johns leaves

Gorgeous, no? St John’s opens onto Magdalen Street, right as you come into City Centre from the north, but this was one of few times I’ve ever seen it open to visitors. The weather was perfect, I had a wonderful book with me, and well, it was an idyllic afternoon.

Next up, one of my other favourite Oxford places:

market 2

The open market in Gloucester Green offers yummy fruits and veggies of every colour – several shades of orange there in the back. Mmmmm.

bod window

I’ve always wondered what goes on behind the many windows at the Bodleian – but I do love the light that comes through them.

menlo sunset

And finally – sunset on the River Corrib, Galway. This is the view from the castle in yesterday’s post. We sat there until the sun dipped low and it got chilly; then we climbed down the ruins and walked back to town. I love this photo – for me it so perfectly captures the peace and mood of that evening.

Happy orange Wednesday.

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