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forests of love

Last night I was at Hobby Lobby searching for a picture frame, and it occurred to me that Valentine’s Day is literally around the corner. (Besides, Tessa surprised us all at work this morning with baskets of candy.) I considered buying some Valentines, but in the spirit of the craft/handmade kick I’ve been on lately, I decided to make them. So:

“Heart Tree” stamp (on sale): $2.75
Red cardstock cards and envelopes (also on sale): $2.99 for both
Gold ink: free (since I already had it)
Blue brush pen: free (bought at the Broad Canvas in Oxford last year)

Spending an hour on a slow workday stamping cards and writing variations on the message “sending you forests of love”?


I’ve always been a romantic and a sucker for Valentine’s Day, not as a solely romantic day, but as a day to spread the love to whomever you really care about. My mom always left a little heart-shaped Russell Stover box at our places at the table on Valentine’s morning. My parents always gave cards to both of us girls. And my freshman-year roommate, who was Japanese, was so excited by the idea of Valentine’s Day that she made up packages of candy and gifts to give to me and even several of my friends.

This will be the sixth Valentine’s Day in Jeremiah’s and my relationship – and only the second one we’ll ever have spent together. (2004: I was in Oxford. 2005: We were broken up. 2007: He was a Sing Song host and rehearsing madly. 2008: I was in Oxford again.) So we’re heading off for a romantic getaway – down to the Hill Country for the weekend. We’ll browse funky shops, spend the night in a B&B, visit my grandparents (they live in Kerrville), and come back feeling recharged and refreshed.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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I’m newly addicted to knitting lovely things, having knitted a scarf (for the lovely Lizzie) and a hat (for Dad) in time for Christmas. Both gifts were received with joy, and then I knitted myself a little choker in a cool diamond stitch last week. And I just joined Ravelry – the site for anyone who is completely obsessed with knitting, i.e. is hungry for free patterns, photos of luscious yarns, and projects to ooh and aah over.

Since I’ve lost one of my beloved fingerless gloves (BOO!), I’m hoping to knit myself some new ones soon. And then I found this thought-provoking set of five questions about knitting on the Culture Making website: apparently it’s the cultural artifact of the week.

The questions are as follows:

1. What does knitting assume about the way the world is?

2. What does knitting assume about the way the world should be?

3. What does knitting make possible?

4. What does knitting make impossible (or at least a lot more difficult)?

5. What new culture is created in response?

I’ll be thinking about these as I start my new gloves. Happy midweek, everyone!

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smoothies and wool

I am addicted to Innocent smoothies, which unfortunately I can’t get in the US, but which I drank copiously last year in the UK. I get their weekly e-newsletter, which is full of random bits of fun, and several weeks ago it contained an announcement about their Big Knit fundraiser.

Starting in November, Innocent smoothies in stores around the UK will be wearing little woolly knitted hats – and for every smoothie with a hat sold, 50p (about $1) goes to Age Concern, a charity for older people. The goal for this year is 500,000 hats to raise 250,000 pounds.

I dug into my scrap yarn stash and have been knitting like crazy for several weeks. (This conveniently coincides with the end of my thesis and my new Gilmore Girls obsession.) And currently, 44 little hats are sitting in a basket on my coffee table, waiting to be scooped up and posted to the UK.

You can laugh at me. (Jeremiah does.) But it’s fun – and who doesn’t smile at the sight of a smoothie bottle wearing a knitted hat?

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