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(photo by Jessalyn Massingill)

That’s Amber, my coworker, next to me. And we spend a lot of time doing this. Not “meditating” on top of the file cabinets, per se, but laughing and being silly and generally goofing around. We do it in between all the jobs our office handles (nearly 1,000 separate projects each year), ranging from simple postcards to big, complicated issues of ACU Today, our alumni magazine. I don’t talk much about work on this blog, for various reasons, but as I’m leaving this job, I will say: I’ve loved it here. And I’ll miss my coworkers.

Most of the people I work with weren’t here when I worked in this office for three semesters as a student.  Greg, one of the graphic designers, is still here, as is Ron, my supervisor, who’s been running this office since 1983 – the year I was BORN. (Sometimes his sheer knowledge and expertise intimidates me, especially when I remember that he’s been running this office for my whole life.) The rest – Tessa, Amber, Amy and Todd – are new since then, and it’s been a joy to work with them this time around.

I feel blessed to have had this job not once, but twice – to get my feet wet as a student and come back full-time as a “grown-up.” I’ve learned a lot about writing, editing, research, fact-checking and AP style in this office. And I’ve learned other things too. How to put together a museum-style display case. How to research and write a historical book (during the ACU Centennial). How to manage several huge databases. How to interpret Ron’s hundreds of scribbled Post-It notes (many of them say “Ask me”). How to sort through and enter hundreds of alumni news items (I like to refer to myself as the “ACU gossip columnist”). How to navigate the campus phone maze, or call five offices before getting what I need. How to put together a commencement script. How to proofread at 90 miles an hour. And I’ve learned more ACU trivia than anyone else I know (except Ron).

I’ll miss eating dark chocolate in Amy’s office, laughing with Tessa about everything and nothing, hearing Greg’s vacation stories, trying to make Ron laugh, and our gossip sessions in Amber’s office when Amy and Tessa and I plop down and shoot the breeze. I’ll miss the office inside jokes, the way my co-workers make me feel appreciated and loved, the way Amy says “Can you work your magic?” when she needs me to edit something, the way Amber calls me when she needs an ACU trivia question answered. I’ll miss Amber’s cleaning frenzies and our jokes in meetings and watching ACU Today take shape, from conception to printed product. I’ve learned so much here, and I’ll take the lessons with me wherever I go, but I’ll also take fond memories of these coworkers who are also friends.

So thanks, Creative Services. It’s been a good run. I’ll miss you.


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