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This is my office.

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It used to be a storage space, and is still kind of a catch-all for cabinets filled with office stuff. It’s not orange and yellow because I want it to be. Melody, my predecessor, had this whole “Tuscan villa” idea in her head when she worked here in 2005-06. (Needless to say, it never quite came to fruition.) I helped her paint it when I was a student worker, and then I inherited it for a few months after she left. After leaving this office in August 2006 for another one across campus, I didn’t expect I’d ever be back here.

But I did come back – in January, as a full-time employee. I ignored the paint color for a while, since I didn’t know if I’d be here beyond my husband’s graduation in August and I was diving headfirst into a new job. I covered parts of the mustard-and-terra-cotta walls with photos and calendars and prints, and tried to ignore the rest.

However, “the time has come, the Walrus said” for a change. I can’t take the orange any more. I just can’t. No matter how long I’m going to be here (still indefinite), it’s time for some fresh color. So I have a sheaf of paint chips sitting in my office – the pre-approved “ACU palette.” (This is a new thing, presumably put in place to keep people from doing things like painting their offices orange and yellow.)

There’s just one small snag: the colors are all neutrals. ALL of them. Except for a (very nice) eggplant purple called, entertainingly, “Midnight Affair.” The rest are varying shades of tan, beige, gray, cream and an odd range of gray-greens. I’m trying to decide what the heck to do with them, though NONE of them are what I would choose. (I’m not into cream walls with cream trim, and the greenish grays are disgusting.) So far, my choices are:

~Paint the entire office a cool gray
~Paint 3 walls gray, with a purple accent wall
~Paint 3 walls tan/beige, with a purple accent wall
~Paint all four walls tan/beige

So, dear readers, what would YOU do? This is a small space with no windows (oh, how I want a window!). Four dark walls would turn it into a cave, but I think the lightest colors would wash the space out, and also be plain boring. So, view the pics, try to imagine gray or brown or purple on the walls, and give your opinion in the comments. I’m sorry the choices are so limited, but your help is MUCH appreciated.

Happy weekend!

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