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On our way to church last Sunday, J and I wondered why the car ahead of us was stopped at a green light, until we saw this:

geese, Boston, Canada, spring

I’m not sure if these guys came all the way from Canada, or were just on their way from the Fens back to the Charles River, but it made our whole morning to watch them waddle across the road.

Also, the ducklings in the Public Garden (who, if you didn’t know, are the stars of Robert McCloskey’s wonderful book), are ready for St. Patrick’s Day:

ducklings, robert mccloskey, st. patrick's day

Happy Friday, all. I don’t think the balmy temps of the last two days (67 degrees! In early March!) will last through the weekend, but I am looking forward to some quiet time at home and some time with friends.

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In my recent posts about my wanderings in central Boston, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m in love with Boston Common (and what you can see on it). But today I’d like to highlight its smaller, slightly more formal, elegantly landscaped neighbour, the Boston Public Garden.

The Garden encompasses stretches of velvet grass, lush trees and shrubs whose leaves, like so many around here, are beginning to turn; a lagoon, complete with ducks and geese; a famous statue of the Make Way for Ducklings mama and her brood; and various monuments, including one related to the first use of ether. (No, I don’t know why, either.)

It’s a good place to wander, to feed the birds, to people-watch or to just sit on a bench and drink tea:

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