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I’ve lived in Abilene for seven years. I moved here in Aug. 2002, and except for three semesters in England and a few summers away, I’ve been here ever since. So I know this town pretty darn well by now. I know where to shop, where to eat, where to get coffee, where to meet friends. I know when the trains run. I know how to navigate that tricky interchange under the overpass at S. 1st and Treadaway Blvd. This town has become home in a way I never imagined it would when I arrived here as a college freshman.

So, some favorite Abilene places:

1. Mezamiz Deux Coffee House. This is the site of our weekly ladies’ coffee night, and many, many other chats with friends. Great drinks, yummy scones, tasty sandwiches and wonderful ambiance. (And sometimes, live music.)

2. Rosa’s Cafe. We have two locations; I love ’em both, and I love Rosa’s takeout, with tortilla chips still warm in a brown paper bag. Oh, how I’ll miss this when we move up north.

3. Los Arcos. This is our favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican place. Fresh salsa, yummy enchiladas, water in big red plastic glasses, and great odds of seeing at least one person we know.

4. Hickory Street Cafe. Home of the best zucchini bread EVER, delicious soups/salads/sandwiches, and long chats with Julie or Bethany or Lisa.

5. Bogie’s. This is Lisa’s and my place, and ALL the sandwiches are named after Bogart films. And there are Bogart posters on the walls. Love it.

6. Monks Coffee, next door to Bogie’s, has good chai, frequent live music, charming mismatched furniture and “Keep Abilene Boring” T-shirts.

7. The Center for Contemporary Arts is where I take yoga, and we also stroll through it at ArtWalk every month. So fun.

8. The Abilene Public Library is small but charming, and a great place to people-watch.

9. Tuscany’s Coffee House keeps odd hours, but they have yummy spicy potato soup, flavored lemonade and gooey chocolate cake.

10. Sharky’s has delicious burritos – Brent loves them, and my sister HAS to eat here every time she comes into town.

11. Little Panda is the original site of our Chinese Food Fridays in college; they evolved to bring-your-own Fast Food Fridays at House 9, but LP still has great takeout.

12. Box Office Video, next to LP, has a wide selection, low prices and a friendly owner. (Jeremiah fondly refers to it as “B.O.”)

13. It’s About Time, on S. 14th, has a great mix of antique and new housewares, knick-knacks and fun stuff. And I know the owner – she’s lovely.

14. Spano’s is now defunct, sadly, but for years it was our favorite Italian restaurant, and a great date place.

15. Erinshire Gardens, near ACU, is where Jeremiah proposed – a beautiful wilderness of trees, tree houses, wooden crosses, blue-bottle yard art, flowers and a little log-cabin chapel.

16. Cajun Cones is a springtime/summertime institution in Abilene. So. Yummy.

17. The farmer’s market is a new love – friendly people with fresh produce under striped awnings. So fun.

18. The Paramount Theatre shows vintage films and hosts community performances. And there are twinkling stars on the ceiling.

19. I love downtown Abilene in general, especially during ArtWalk. Music, dogs, children and good fun. Amanda usually does henna art; there’s always live music; and the art galleries always have new and colorful stuff.

20. The Lunsford Trail around ACU is a favorite of walkers all over town. We used to walk here more often in college, but I still love it.

21. Play Faire Park is vintage in the best sense – a little worn, but colorful, and you can play mini golf or try out your hula-hoop skills.

22. Ann’s Thai Kitchen serves delicious Thai food. This is Bethany’s very favorite place. When it was on Treadaway, my friend Erin and I used to go eat panang chicken and talk for three hours. We ate there when Bethany came into town the weekend we got engaged, and well, it’s just delectable.

23. Highland Church of Christ is, well, my other home. It’s not an attractive building – the auditorium is ORANGE – but I’ve spent many hours here over the past six years, laughing, crying, singing, clapping, hugging friends, listening, talking, attending weddings (and our own rehearsal dinner), and living. This is one of the centers of our life in Abilene; this is where we live, and one of the places we’ll miss most.

I know we’ll have new “haunts” in Boston/Quincy. But oh, I’ll miss these.


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