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fro yo yellow sign berryline I have a serious sweet tooth. And now that it’s (finally) warm outside, I am taking full advantage of the multiple ice cream and frozen yogurt shops in Harvard Square. Lizzy’s makes a delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream, and I love the summertime fruit flavors at J.P. Licks, especially the peach and strawberry.

But if I’m down at the south end of Harvard Square – and craving a light, bright treat to perk me up – I usually end up at Berryline.

Berryline (like both J.P. Licks and Lizzy’s) is a locally owned business. It was started by two MIT grads who decided they would rather make frozen yogurt than pursue careers in molecular biology. (Given the choice, I’d go with fro-yo, too.)

Berryline offers a rotating menu of four flavors (their original tart flavor is always on offer), a variety of toppings (including fruit, sprinkles and homemade baked treats), and a bright, whimsical atmosphere. berryline exterior froyo harvard square (Aren’t those the cheeriest little cups of fro-yo you’ve ever seen?)

I’ve tried several flavors and liked them, but I always come back to the original – the perfect mixture of tart and sweet. I like it best with fresh fruit and rainbow sprinkles. (Because apparently I am six years old inside.) berryline froyo sprinkles strawberries If you’re in Cambridge this summer and looking for a no-guilt sweet treat, I highly recommend Berryline. (I’ll join you!)

*The good folks at Berryline have no idea who I am – I just like this place and wanted to share it with you.


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We have eaten a lot of ice cream this summer.

I say this as someone who does not worry (much) about eating dessert nearly every day. I figure if my meals are mostly healthy, there’s no harm in enjoying a cookie or a bit of dark chocolate or a bowl of blackberry cobbler. But this summer, it has been (mostly) too hot to turn on the oven, even for me.

I grew up eating Blue Bell, which they don’t sell in the Northeast, and last summer we ate a lot of Haagen-Dazs fruit sorbet. But this year we are completely obsessed with Ben & Jerry’s new line of Greek yogurt, since we sampled it during our Vermont trip in March. J prefers the Strawberry Shortcake flavor and I am head over heels for the Raspberry Chocolate Chunk. I’ve lost count of the pints we’ve consumed, but the number is high.

Sometimes, we bother with bowls and portions and the ice cream scoop. Much more often, we eat it straight from the carton, sitting in the living room after dinner, reading books or blogs or watching Friends, under the slight breeze of the ceiling fan.

ben & jerrys greek yogurt raspberry

Because of this, I don’t treat myself to ice cream during the workday very often. (Anyway, a scoop of ice cream in a shop costs about as much as a pint at the grocery store.) But there is an Emack & Bolio’s shop around the corner from my office, and the other day I discovered a new yogurt shop on the other side of the Common. Occasionally, it’s fun to scoop up a cup of cool sweetness at lunchtime. And during one hot, humid day in D.C., as we walked the National Mall, I spotted a frozen yogurt truck and made a beeline for it. Ahhh.

ice cream jane austen

Usually, when it comes to dessert, I’m a chocolate girl. But this summer I am (as you can see) all about the fruit ice cream, sometimes studded with chunks of chocolate. When I think back on this summer, I will remember (among other things) the sheer pleasure of spooning up that creamy, fruity sweetness almost every night, savoring it with my love, in our messy, breezy apartment with the windows open.

We are making the most of these warm days and humid evenings, eating fresh tomatoes and pints of blueberries and sweet, drippy peaches from the farmer’s market, and eating dinner outside whenever possible. A few (or more) spoonfuls of ice cream is the perfect pleasure to top it all off.

What are you savoring this summer? What are your favorite ice cream flavors?

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