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I’ve only been to Caffe Vittoria, tucked amid Italian restaurants in Boston’s busy North End, a few times. Usually, when J and I venture to the North End, we’re either leading friends down the Freedom Trail, to sights including Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church, or we’re sniffing out our newest spot for a yummy Italian dinner. (And I mean that literally; the aromas from restaurant kitchens waft out onto the sidewalks, enticing customers with garlic, butter, herbs and so many good things.)

We usually head to Mike’s Pastry after dinner for cannoli and call it a night. But last fall, my parents and I ended up in the North End one cool afternoon, so we stopped in for some rich, creamy hot chocolate:

This past weekend, we were with friends, some of whom wanted cannoli, so we sent them to Mike’s and stopped at Caffe Vittoria for gelato:

Mmm. I love a good versatile cafe. A cafe for all seasons, if you will. I’ll definitely be going back for more gelato – and hot chocolate – this fall.

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