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handknits in action

My drawer full of handknit hats, scarves, cowls and fingerless gloves doesn’t see too much action in West Texas until November each year, if then. But I’m pulling them out as fall swoops into Boston, so here are some photos of my favorite handknits around town. (You can order your own custom pieces from me – see my Katie’s Custom Knits page!)

This is the Ishbel shawl I made this spring – I broke it out on a chilly Sunday:

I’ve also been wearing my lovely Snapdragon Tam, knit in a color called Cedar:

And I wore both my Star Crossed Slouchy Beret, knit in a colorway called Paris Night (I also have a red one),  and my Princess Mitts on a recent cocoa-drinking afternoon:

(Hard to see the detail, since they’re black, but they are super warm and cozy!)

I’m working on a new cardigan, and am eying a few more hat and cowl patterns (as if I needed any more of either). And Jeremiah has requested another pair of mitts to wear around town. So my needles are busy, but I’d also love to design and knit custom items for you! Email me at katieleigh83{at}gmail{dot}com to place an order.


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Believe it or not, dear readers, the holidays are approaching. Some of you may already be thinking about your Christmas gift lists (others, like me, haven’t even thought about it yet – too much going on in the here and now!). Either way, I present to you a handmade option for your holiday gifts: Katie’s Custom Knits.

I started knitting nearly seven years ago, as a college student, and since then I’ve knitted dozens of hats, scarves, cowls, fingerless gloves, Christmas ornaments and even a couple of sweaters. If you’re looking for a unique, handmade gift to give your loved ones this year, why not order a custom item from me?

All products will be designed and handmade by me, with yarn sourced from either area yarn shops or trusted online suppliers. You pick the product type, color(s) and fiber(s) – I’ll be sure to take preferences and any allergies into account! I’m happy to discuss options by phone or email, or to send you photos of yarn or past projects. Rates will vary by product, taking into account supply costs and labor. Payment will be via Paypal.

You can view some of my past projects below, and on my Katie’s Custom Knits page. (Note: most of those projects were knit from someone else’s designs, so your products will not look exactly like those.) I will accept orders for hats, scarves, cowls, fingerless gloves, and home items such as dish towels and tea cozies. To place an order for yourself or a loved one, or if you have any questions, please contact me at katieleigh83{at}gmail{dot}com.

I look forward to knitting for you!

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fingerless frenzy

I’m on a serious fingerless glove kick.

After losing one of a beloved pair given to me by two friends in Oxford last year, I embarked on a journey I’d tried and aborted twice before: making my own. I have small hands, and that combined with the vagaries of needles, yarns and patterns (most of which are made for people with normal-sized hands) had produced two spectacularly failed gloves in the past.

However, I tried again, knitting a pair of Dashing in a lovely deep teal yarn, and am happy to report they turned out beautifully. Amanda had asked if I’d knit her some, so I knit her a pair of Dashing also, in chunky black and brown stripes.

This proved to be dangerous, though. Now that I’ve started, I can’t stop.

I made a pair of Leslie’s Toast out of a gorgeous silver-gray bamboo-blend yarn, and just this afternoon I cast on a pair of Fetching.

I think I may have a problem.

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