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We’ve reached the crazy stage in our transition. Our house looks like a box factory exploded; half my kitchen cupboards are empty and the rest are half-full; most of our books are in boxes (this is a big deal for me); and it’s going to look worse before it looks better. And we’ve reached the stage I was dreading: the good-byes.

I’ve already had to hug Virginia and Kelsey, Glenn and Cole, Lawson and Morgan, Jay and Dawne and Amanda and a few others, and tell them “see you later” with a lump in my throat. I’ve hugged a lot of other people with promises of “see you tomorrow” or “see you Sunday” or “we’re not saying good-bye yet.” And I keep reminding myself that we’ll be back to visit Abilene. We have family here, in all the most important ways. We love Highland and ACU and so many of the people attached to both of those. We will be back.

But this is hard. It’s hard to know we won’t see these folks for months, that we’ll miss the Sunday get-togethers and the Tuesday coffee nights and the birthday parties and the little daily things. I’m so thankful for Facebook and email and cell phones – which I’ll be using copiously to keep in touch with my Abilene family. But oh my, I’m going to miss them.

So this Love Thursday is a love letter to all the people I love in Abilene. Thank you for supporting me since I arrived at ACU, a nervous, bookish freshman trying to find a new home. Thank you for loving me through good times and bad, too many to name. Thank you for standing with me through a year of deep sorrow and grief, when I lost two people I loved and didn’t know where to turn. Thank you for celebrating with me through the joy of my college years, my graduation, my first real job, my time in Oxford, my engagement and wedding and marriage, and everything in between. Thank you for accepting me, just as I was, and standing by me as I grew and made mistakes and asked questions and wondered and loved and changed.

Thank you for loving me, my Abilene family. I love you too. I’ll carry you in my heart to Boston, and I’ll come back to visit. And you are welcome in our little Quincy flat any time.


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