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Bethany says I have an avocado addiction.


And she is exactly right.

I also have a guacamole addiction. It’s genetic – my Pop, my mom’s dad, makes delicious guacamole. And well, this isn’t genetic, but my college friends Jesse and Josh used to lob avocado pits out of their top-floor window in Oxford, hoping against all reason that an avocado tree would sprout in the front yard of House 9.

Anyway, we love our avocado around here.


(This is one of my special Whittard bowls – I would have totally bought the whole set if I had been capable of toting them all home.)

We like our guacamole simple. Just avocado, a few dashes of lemon juice, a few shakes of green taco sauce, and a healthy dollop of salsa.


Mix together and serve with tortilla chips. (Or on burritos or nachos, or just eat it straight.) Yum.


All gone.empty bowl

Happy weekend to you.

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