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Here we are, at the end of a month of running posts – I did it, even though I wasn’t always sure I could come up with anything new to say. Since today also happens to be Halloween, I’m sharing a photo of the only 5K I have ever (yet) run in costume and talking about my love of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman.

I wasn’t a comic-book reader as a child, and I am a little bit younger than the target audience of Lynda Carter’s iconic show. But I have a long history of loving badass heroines, and the 2017 Wonder Woman film captured my imagination. I loved Gal Gadot’s portrayal of courage, humanity, compassion and strength (not to mention the fact that she can fight evil and dance in the falling snow with equal grace). Since then, I’ve come to identify deeply with the character, who is both fierce and tender, committed to justice and just as committed to preventing needless violence.

As a runner, I’ve had to dig deep to find my physical strength on the days when getting out there (or getting through it) is a real struggle. But my association with Wonder Woman is more about that mental toughness I’ve found partly through running: the grit it takes to keep going, the grace to breathe through a tough situation and make it through.

The annual East “Booston” costume 5K went virtual this year, so I didn’t pull out my Wonder Woman outfit to run the race (though I did participate). But I wear a red leather wrap bracelet with the WW logo every single day. And though she’s perhaps not a runner in the modern sense, Diana is definitely one of my heroes in running and life.

Thanks for sticking with me through a month of #run31 posts, friends. It’s been fun. If you’re celebrating, happy Halloween. And if you live in the U.S. and you haven’t yet, please vote.


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happy halloween

During our usual Sunday get-together at Ryan and Amy’s, we covered their dining table with newspaper and brought out the knives.

Don’t worry. No children, adults or dogs were injured in the carving of these pumpkins:

(From left: Nate’s scary face, Sierra’s freckled one, Michael’s goofy smile, Scott’s quizzical expression, Abi’s leaf montage and my very traditional triangle-eyed grin.)

Happy Halloween weekend to you, friends!

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I know it’s not Halloween yet, but this past weekend, I had a chance to dress up anyway. The Honors College at ACU threw a masquerade party, and because my sweet Bethany works there, J and I were invited. I’ve been known to construct elaborate costumes in the past, but this year I wanted something quick, easy, simple and immediately recognizable. So I was especially proud of the finished result, below:


Yes. We are Scrabble tiles.

(And we’re bundled up because it’s FREEZING. I had on four layers under my “tile” and I was STILL cold.)

Here’s a back view:

scrabble back

Here we are with Bethany the gypsy (she must have been even colder than we were):

with b

And here is Kelsey, who was my personal fave for Most Clever Costume of the night:

kels teabag

Isn’t she the cutest little teabag you’ve ever seen?

I’m still not sure if we’re dressing up for actual Halloween – but I am so proud of these costumes that we just might reuse them if we do. Anyone else dressing up this year?

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Halloween at the office

Okay, okay, I know I’m late…but I must post pics from our Halloween hilarity at the office. Not too many of us dressed up…as Wendell Willis said, “only a few shall be saved”…but he can say that, since he transformed into, not Abraham, not Moses, not Elijah, but the Greek philosopher Diogenes for a day:

Derran Reese, our newest professor, is a huge UCONN basketball fan and got his baby daughter Brynn into the act. Here she is:

And with Daddy:

Finally, I decided to go feline as a tasteful, wearable office costume option. Everyone kept mistaking me for a mouse, or doing a double take when they saw my ears…but it was fun. Meow!

There was much candy, much hilarity, and much lightheartedness to lift up the spirit of a busy Tuesday. Happy late Halloween, everyone! Enjoy the pictures!

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