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I’ve been hiding out in Mitford. To the tune of rereading half the series in just a few days, ignoring the stacks of shiny library books on my coffee table. I’ve been alternately chuckling and wiping away tears on the T, not caring who sees me. These books are that good.

I love them for their honest depiction of faith, for the cast of quirky characters filling their pages, for the beautiful ways in which “all things work together for good” for Father Tim and his ever-expanding family. And oh, I’ve needed a good dose of all those things lately.

During a strange transitional season, when I might leave the house in wellies and a coat and come home in ballet flats and a cardigan; when some weekends brim with fun and rich community and others feel oddly barren; when some days on the job are fulfilling and others are just plain flat; when I alternately long for the comfort, safety and warmth of Abilene and try to enjoy this new adventure…

…it’s nice to escape to “the little town with the big heart,” where everyone takes care of each other, where everyone is known, and where, somehow, things always work out for the best.

Where do you go to hide out?

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