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Some Nerve: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave, Patty Chang Anker
A fun memoir (by a lifelong scaredy-cat) about facing fears – some of her own (water, death), some common to others (heights, public speaking). Anker wanted to become brave to set an example for her two daughters, but she was shocked at the transformation it wrought in her own life.

Ice Dancing, Nicholas Walker
British teenagers Samantha (a former ballet dancer) and Alex become ice-dancing partners. They’re good together, but Samantha’s parents don’t want her to skate. Will they triumph on the ice? A quick, fun reread from junior high – timely because of the Olympics.

The Blue Castle, L.M. Montgomery
Valancy Stirling has spent her life pleasing everyone but herself. But when she finds out she has a year left to live, she decides to begin living as she wants to. A sweet, slightly wacky story from the author of my beloved Anne books. Valancy is charming once she wakes up to herself.

Ice Princess, Nicholas Walker
In the sequel to Ice Dancing, Samantha gets sent to boarding school, but still meets Alex secretly to skate. Can they pull off another competitive win? More dramatic and more romantic than the first book – though Samantha is sometimes a real brat. Still a fun reread.

All Good Things: From Paris to Tahiti: Life and Longing, Sarah Turnbull
I loved Turnbull’s debut, Almost French, about how she fell in love with both Paris and her husband. All Good Things traces their move to Tahiti and their fraught journey toward parenthood. Beautiful descriptions of the island, though the IVF parts are painful to read.

Spy Mom: The Adventures of Sally Sin, Beth McMullen
This book is a two-in-one set, following the adventures of a top-secret spy turned toddler mom. I saw it at a Yankee Swap last year, kicked myself for not stealing it, then was so happy to find it on Cape Cod this summer. The narrator’s voice is so witty, though the supporting characters are a bit thin. Funny and engaging.

Links (not affiliate links) are to my favorite local bookstore, Brookline Booksmith.

I’m participating in Leigh’s February Reading Challenge, so I’ve only bought one book this month, though I’m still working on my library stack.

What are you reading?

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