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inertia is powerful

If you came anywhere near a science class in about junior high, you heard about Newton’s first law of motion: A body at rest tends to stay at rest.

Oh, man, is that ever true.

For one thing, I am not good at getting up in the morning. If I am at rest, in my nice warm bed (with my husband curled up next to me), I tend to stay there as long as possible. And once I get to work, and get settled in at my desk, the same is true. Sometimes it takes a Herculean effort to get up from my desk, to get some water, make a cup of tea, or even walk over to ask my boss a question instead of sending an email. (Other office-dwellers: does this happen to you?)

It’s also true, unfortunately, in my creative life. Once I get stuck in neutral (and, oh man, has that been the case lately), I tend to stay there. And then I start to freak out that I’ll always be there, while struggling to find the motivation to kick back into gear.

What are your tricks for a jump-start – in the morning, in your job, concerning exercise, and perhaps most importantly, concerning creativity? I’m all ears.

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