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smoothies and wool

I am addicted to Innocent smoothies, which unfortunately I can’t get in the US, but which I drank copiously last year in the UK. I get their weekly e-newsletter, which is full of random bits of fun, and several weeks ago it contained an announcement about their Big Knit fundraiser.

Starting in November, Innocent smoothies in stores around the UK will be wearing little woolly knitted hats – and for every smoothie with a hat sold, 50p (about $1) goes to Age Concern, a charity for older people. The goal for this year is 500,000 hats to raise 250,000 pounds.

I dug into my scrap yarn stash and have been knitting like crazy for several weeks. (This conveniently coincides with the end of my thesis and my new Gilmore Girls obsession.) And currently, 44 little hats are sitting in a basket on my coffee table, waiting to be scooped up and posted to the UK.

You can laugh at me. (Jeremiah does.) But it’s fun – and who doesn’t smile at the sight of a smoothie bottle wearing a knitted hat?

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