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You may remember that, as I sometimes do, I chose a word for the year back in January. And then I never mentioned it again.

It turns out that simply choosing a word doesn’t guarantee that anything in your life will change. And it also turns out that sometimes life decides to shake you around a bit, shifting the things you don’t want shifted.

I wouldn’t have chosen most of the shifts around here lately: two family losses, followed by a dear family friend’s cancer diagnosis. Delayed trains on my commute every single day for over a week, friends struggling with life transitions, a neighbor backing into my car recently (no one was hurt, but it’s still in the shop). As I said to some friends last night and my sister this morning, I’m ready for some good news. Some good shifts.

But that phone call with my sister brought a splash of cheer to my Monday morning, and we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of her baby boy – whose birth will be good news for sure. My dear Bethany is coming to visit this week, bringing her husband on his first trip to Boston. The arrival of Daylight Savings Time has shifted more light and warmth to my evenings, and I’ve been opening windows and clearing small piles of clutter and looking forward to spring clothes and summer fruits. And I get to drive a snazzy rental car while mine is being fixed.

scones tea lauren winner memoir

Taking a deep breath over breakfast.

I’m also (after reading Laura Vanderkam’s excellent book 168 Hours) trying to be more intentional about how I spend my time, both at work and at home. Simply paying attention can make a big difference. And finally, I’m doing my best to cut back on the snacking at my desk, and get up and move around more often. Small shifts, but important ones – and these are the shifts I choose.

If you chose a word for the year, how’s it going? I’d love to know.

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