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This weekend I witnessed a rare thing: the marriage of two people I adore, who adore each other, whose families I also happen to adore. We’ve known Sarah since she was 15 – her family is in our small group at church. And we’ve known Jake since he came to ACU as a freshman. Before that, his brother Nate and Nate’s wife Abigail were our good friends (and they are still). Abi’s sisters, Kelsey and Bailey, are also our good friends, and because Nate and Jake’s parents come to town periodically, we love them too.

Are you confused yet? (This complex web of relationships is why we refer to Nate, Jake, Abi, Kelsey, Bailey and now Sarah as “the Evans-Lollar clan.”)

Anyway, Jake and Sarah got married on Saturday, which meant that we rehearsed on Friday, then ate dinner and hung out with the clan afterward. Then Jeremiah was an usher in the wedding, and I helped mix punch, cut cake, serve fruit and do LOTS of cleanup. (And then the cleanup crew headed to Chili’s for some refreshment in the form of chips and salsa.)

I love it when a wedding means the union of two sweet, kind, godly, hilarious families. I love how much Sarah and Jake love each other. I love the little details that made their day their own. And I love the way we all ran in a herd all weekend – the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the ushers and a few like me who weren’t listed on the program, but were right in the middle of it all anyway.

Sarah loves giraffes, so for the rehearsal, she decided to impersonate one:

The flower girl, Rylie Ann, got into the giraffe act too:

Nate (left) and Jake (right) did plenty of goofing around:

And Jake quoted Bilbo Baggins at the rehearsal dinner: “…and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve!”

The rehearsal was at 5 p.m. and HOT, but the wedding was at 7 and it was beautiful:

They had a lovely cake & fruit reception, and we all milled around and drank punch and ate mints and then gasped when the GROOM had a garter (as well as the bride). Giraffe-printed, of course:

(Gotta love the white jacket, sweet shoes and argyle socks. Jake is a stylish guy.)

My sweet husband looked pretty snazzy as an usher. Here we are:

And Abi was a beautiful bridesmaid:

The flower girls were TOO CUTE – and Rylie Ann’s little sister, Remy Kate, was an “honorary” flower girl (she just started walking). Doesn’t she kind of look like a Who, with that hair?

Here’s the pack of boys – groomsmen, ushers and friends. So fun.

At the end, Kelsey climbed into the getaway car to roll down the window (Jake drives a vintage Mustang) – only she was still there when Jake & Sarah ran out! We were all blowing bubbles and laughing, and Nate finally hauled Kelsey bodily out of the window. And they drove off, literally into the sunset, and it was good.

Happy Love Thursday, all. There’s a whole lot of love in the world.

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