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We had coffee at Rachel’s house this Tuesday. They have a big, multi-level deck with a fireplace, lots of cozy seating and a lovely view, and she set out lots of wonderful snacks – including homemade tomato soup, fresh strawberries, tortilla chips and both tea and coffee.

But the biggest attraction of the night wasn’t edible – or even human. Rachel and her husband, Scott, have assorted pets, and the most exciting of them all is Pickles the llama:

Isn’t he cute? Since Bethany and I watched The Emperor’s New Groove about a thousand times in college, we were very excited to make his acquaintance.

He wasn’t sure what to think of us at first, but eventually decided we were okay, and even felt a little affectionate:

That’s Bethany getting a llama “kiss” – and then I got one too:

(I look pretty goofy, I know. But how awesome is it to get kissed by a llama?!?!)

Happy Love Thursday. May your week be full of unexpected pleasures – as mine has certainly been! Visit Karen’s blog for more links and stories of love.

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