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Sometimes I get frustrated with the state of both kitchens I inhabit. How they’re never sparkling clean; how there are always spice jars and loaves of bread and the day’s mail and “bits and bobs” (Lizzie’s expression) littering their counters. The counter was almost invisible under junk when I walked into the dungeon kitchen tonight. The dish rack was full of sparkling clean dishes, to my relief; however, even after I put them away and washed another whole sinkful, there are still more dishes to do. It never ends; it never reaches perfection. But usually after one of my cleaning frenzies I realize that perfection is not the point.

Community is the point. It is, of course, the point throughout these ACU houses: in the commons room, in shared bedrooms and bathrooms, in the worship time we share on Sunday nights (which is about to start). But it is especially the point in these kitchens. When I make a batch of cookies or a loaf of peach bread (my newest experiment, as there is NO pumpkin to be found in England) for all to share; when Moose concocts a delicious salad with homemade dressing; when Nathan makes French toast in the afternoon; when Nick downs cup after cup of coffee from our beloved French press. When various of us abide here for hours at a time, studying or reading or just being; when we take turns washing mountains of dishes and putting them away.

Yes, community is the point. I will continue to swab countertops and range spices in neat rows and scrub dirty pans and stack plates in the cupboards. It’s part of my nature. But I will also continue to drink cups of tea with Nick over conversations about books and travel, with Nathan in companionable silence, with Moose over talks about life. Because this, more than anywhere in these houses, is where we live. This is home.

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