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After the first week the girls of Patty’s Place settled down to a steady grind of study; for this was their last year at Redmond and graduation honors must be fought for persistently. Anne devoted herself to English, Priscilla pored over classics, and Philippa pounded away at Mathematics. Sometimes they grew tired, sometimes they felt discouraged, sometimes nothing seemed worth the struggle for it. In one such mood Stella wandered up to the blue room one rainy November evening. Anne sat on the floor in a little circle of light cast by the lamp beside her, amid a surrounding snow of crumpled manuscript.

“What in the world are you doing?”

“Just looking over some old Story Club yarns. I wanted something to cheer and inebriate. I’d studied until the world seemed azure. So I came up here and dug these out of my trunk. They are so drenched in tears and tragedy that they are excruciatingly funny.”

“I’m blue and discouraged myself,” said Stella, throwing herself on the couch. “Nothing seems worthwhile. My very thoughts are old. I’ve thought them all before. What is the use of living after all, Anne?”

Anne of the Island, L.M. Montgomery

I turned back to this exchange between Anne and Stella recently, while slogging through a stretch of cold, grey days. I’m fighting a head cold (as Anne does elsewhere), and my very thoughts, like Stella’s, have felt old. It might not be November around here, but biting winds and swirling snow in early April are just as depressing as a cold fall rain.

Despite my gloom, I smiled as I read Anne’s reply to Stella: “Honey, it’s just brain fag that makes us feel that way, and the weather. A pouring rainy night like this, coming after a hard day’s grind, would squelch any one but a Mark Tapley. You know it is worthwhile to live.”

I know in my bones that Anne is right: this life, with its myriad frustrations and joys, is entirely worth living. It’s full of things to savor and enjoy. But I’ve still been feeling more like Stella: “Oh, my mind agrees with you, Anne. But my soul remains doleful and uninspired.”

I’m falling back on all my tried-and-true lifesavers: daffodils for my desk, daily trips to Darwin’s for chai and chitchat, sweet clementines peeled and eaten mid-afternoon while I take a break from work email to catch up on blogs. But I’m also remembering what Stella says a few lines later: “I begin to feel that life is worth living as long as there’s a laugh in it.”

For that laughter, I’m relying on my people: my snarky coworkers, my goofy husband, the silliness that ensues when we gather around a friend’s table on Sunday nights. (Full disclosure: I’m also cracking up at James Corden’s Crosswalk musical videos and the occasional episode of Modern Family.)

When the skies are grey and the to-do list is long, I’m trying to remember: life is worth living as long as there’s a laugh in it. That laughter – even if sometimes it comes perilously close to crying – is what’s saving my life these days.

What’s making you laugh in these early spring days? (And when will the sunshine come back?)

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The inimitable Julie asked the other day, “What are the moments that mean something to you, however ordinary?” So here, in no particular order, are a few of mine from this week:

~Twisting tissue paper, pipe cleaners and crepe paper into flowers on Tuesday night. Jana brought the supplies and we turned the back corner of Mezamiz into a colourful paper melee. The flowers are for her 40th birthday party next weekend, and my oh my, they are wonderful. (As are all the ladies who made them.) There was much laughter, much reminiscing about doing this in elementary school, and much hilarity at the instructional video featuring a cute little old English lady.

~Watching the light in my neighbours’ yard around sunset. Both the trees and the light are golden at that time of day, and  sitting on the porch with a cup of tea, watching the colours change, is one of the most beautiful moments in my day.

~Last night, Abi and Laura and I went over to Camille’s for a haircut party. We took turns sitting in the chair in her charming, green-cabineted kitchen, and chatted and laughed and told stories. And we all left with seriously snazzy hair.

~Each morning, I step out on the porch to check on my plants and breathe in the fresh air, and I love watering my geranium best of all. After simply wilting in the end-of-summer heat, it’s perked back up and is a profusion of crimson once again.

~I love driving past the houses of friends, even if I never stop. I drive past Amanda’s and Abi’s houses on my way to work each day, and I always think of them as I pass. It warms my heart to know who lives behind at least a couple of those doors.

~Cuddling with my husband in the mornings, in the dreamy space between the alarms going off and one of us actually getting up. It’s even better now that the mornings are a little chilly.

~I know I’ve said this before – but I love stepping out on the front porch at night to look at the stars. The past few nights have been crisp and clear, and the indigo sky uplit by golden street lights, dotted with stars, makes me catch my breath. I want a long cape in that colour.

Happy Love Thursday. Please visit Karen’s blog, as usual, for links to more images and stories of love.

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