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I posted this book stack the other day on Instagram – it was/is the result of a quick scan of my shelves, pulling off books by black authors that have been (for me) powerful and thought-provoking. Some are longtime favorites, some newer discoveries.

Like any book list, it is only a small beginning. I am reading and listening to black voices on social media: Osheta Moore, Austin Channing Brown, Well-Read Black Girl. I am ordering and placing library holds on books by black authors. I signed a NAACP petition calling for an independent investigation into the murder of George Floyd, and broader police reform. I donated to my local bail fund after more than 50 protesters were arrested this weekend in Boston.

None of this is “enough” or gets me off the hook for doing more. I share what I’ve been doing because so many of us white folks don’t know where to start. But we have to start, if we haven’t already. Until everyone is able to thrive in this country, the work will not be done. And we have to look hard at our own hearts – our biases and hesitation and fear – because the real work happens internally, too.

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Another writing exercise from Julia Cameron, this one called “Soldiering Through.” (Though it could just as aptly be titled “Crushing Your Inner Perfectionist.”)

Number 1 to 10 and finish this sentence as quickly as possible:

“If my ego would allow it, I’d try…”

1. Becoming fluent in French.
2. Taking up ballet.
3. Learning yoga.
4. Writing more poetry.
5. Playing the piano (well).
6. Learning to play guitar.
7. Moving overseas.
8. Going to graduate school.
9. Writing the extensive story of our time in Oxford.
10. Knitting a sweater or cape.

What is your inner perfectionist keeping YOU from? And does anyone have ideas on how to combat these blasted inner fiends?

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