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handmade link love

Lately I’ve been hearing about all sorts of cool handmade and/or vintage shops online. I’m not actually around today, so while I’m gone I’ll give you a few eye-candy sites to browse.

Etsy is, of course, a treasure trove of all things handmade and vintage – from the quirky to the kitschy to the fantastic. The shops listed below are all Etsy sellers and their stuff is gorgeous.

Rachel Ann Austin does beautiful map-and-bird paintings…I so want one, or at least one of her sweet bird pendants. I love the way the names of places bloom out from beneath the paint and gloss.

13Bees offers gorgeous vintage clothing items…I’m waiting for just the right dress in my size to come along!

Kitsch Cafe Vintage is a fun, colorful selection of vintage items. I love the chef cookie jar and other kitchen things (but heaven knows I don’t need any more kitchen things!). I’ll just browse for now.

Dots by Audrey offers lovely items made with glass lampwork beads. I received a letter opener from her shop as a wedding gift, and oh my, it’s beautiful.

Birch Bark Soap is just what it sounds like – and these look delectable, especially the Cherry Almond bar.

Wren Handmade makes gorgeous, delicate jewelry – I love her floaty little necklaces.

Elisabeth Bentz’s textiles are so crisp and fresh – next time I need kitchen linens I’m going straight here.

And a few non-Etsy sites for your browsing pleasure:

Knitterella makes hilarious gift tags, and perfect notecards. I want some!

Abby Try Again, shop of Abby Powell-Thompson, has absolutely stunning photo prints. My office wall is half covered in her photos and I still want more. (She’s having a sale! Go check it out!)

Kelly Rae Roberts’ art also graces my office wall, and I keep buying her pieces as gifts for friends. Soulful, authentic, colorful and sweet. (Her blog is fantastic, too.)

And finally, I heard about this wonderful site that pulls together the best of indie stuff from all around the Internet. We Love Indie – what a great name for a site!

Happy browsing!


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friday link love

The fascinating Gretchen Rubin, author of the Happiness Project blog and the eponymous forthcoming book, has asked for her readers to spread the word about her site. I don’t know if any of you have heard of Gretchen or her project, but you should most definitely go over and take a look. Full of thought-provoking, practical, often amusing stuff about happiness, why we seek it so desperately, and ways to boost your happiness. (Gretchen also blogs for Real Simple here – along with some other smart, sassy ladies.)

I am completely in awe of this wonderful senior project from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Who knew such colourful creativity was possible with mere Post-It Notes?

I’ve long been a fan of Mutts Comics, and now that I don’t subscribe to a paper newspaper, the Web site allows me to enjoy a daily smile with Mooch and Earl. (If you don’t know who they are, go over there immediately and check out “The Strip” tab for info about them and their pals.)

Finally, here’s a fantastic video if you’re hankering for a little piano in your life. (And the mixing of two fabulous songs.)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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this and that

I haven’t posted in a while…but I just wanted to share some links that are too fun.

You can star in your own movie trailer at The Holiday’s movie site! I haven’t tried this yet, since all my photos are on my home computer, but I’ll post it if it turns out well. Click “Enter the site” and there’s a link to the movie trailer maker.

The lovely Julie linked to Austenbook, and oh my goodness, it’s hilarious. I was snickering away at my desk, while trying to give the impression that I was actually working. Made me want to watch both versions of the film again.

These valentines at the Purl Bee made me smile – even though I don’t really know what I’d do with them. But they are cheerful and lovable, no?

I’ve just discovered Karen’s site…her photography is breathtaking. (That makes it sound like I know her, and I don’t…but I’m already a fan.)

I have been knitting like a FIEND lately (do fiends knit? Probably not – perhaps if they did they’d be less fiendish). I have finally made myself a pair of lovely fingerless gloves that actually fit, in a deep spruce blue, with CABLES. This is exciting stuff, people. And I’m working on a soft silver-grey hat with an adorable cable/eyelet pattern, and the yarn is a blissful bamboo blend.

And, for those who didn’t already know, I have a new job…I’m in my third week at ACU’s Creative Services office, where I worked as an undergraduate. I’m writing, editing, proofreading and LOVING IT. It’s good to be back.

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Bono on Frank

Jeremiah’s very favourite singer has a guest column in The New York Times about Frank Sinatra.  As you might expect, it’s quality. Read it here.

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picture love

The photos you’ve all been waiting for:



Be warned: there are over 600 photos. And everyone in them looks ridiculously happy.

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Friday links

Yet another list of books you must read before you die. This one’s quite hefty. For the moment, I think I’ll stick to the half-dozen on my desk that are begging for my attention.

Buy a smoothie, plant a tree: Innocent’s latest do-good project. (And their smoothies are scrumptious to boot.)

Did I mention this chocolate has been on my addiction list this year? Dark, delicious, and Fairtrade. (Comes in milk and white, too.)

Happy Friday.

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in the news

Our engagement announcement was in the Midland Reporter-Telegram , my hometown’s newspaper, this weekend.

Cool.   A little weird to see my own name there, but exciting.

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article on JamisonPriest

I have another article up! This one highlights our friend Cole and his fellow musicians Ed and Jenni, also known as JamisonPriest, or one of the finest folk bands around. Go here to read it.

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