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summery moments

Special summery moments this week:

-a looooonnnnnggg walk in the rain with J around the ACU track on Sunday night

-Running into the Montgomerys, part of our beloved Lifeteam, on last night’s walk and strolling with them to Jacob’s Dream

-Luscious bottled fruit smoothies. Mmmmm.

-Fresh strawberries with French bread for lunch.

-Magazines – thanks to Julie for the issues of InStyle and Real Simple. I adore glossy pages with pretty stories!

-A cookout to honor Kelly Banks, another Lifeteamer who leaves soon for Iraq, on Sunday night. Lots of kids in the inflatable pool, yummy burgers, fresh blackberries and cherry tomatoes, and lots of tortilla chips. And several new friends.

The workday’s nearly over…off to enjoy the sunshine!

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What a busily productive day! Interviews, writing profiles, proofreading, catching up on blogs, and sending a HUGE email to my friend Jenny in China with the latest roundup of our Oxford family. I really just want to keep everyone updated on each other forever. Honestly, that would be the best job!

Confession: I am addicted to InStyle magazine (there are four issues littering my room right now). I hate most fashion magazines because they’re trashy and over-the-top trendy (and absolutely sex-saturated), but InStyle has clean lines, makeup tips that actually work, fun articles on trends, and lots of cute clothes to drool over. In the back of every issue, they quiz a celebrity on her “guilty pleasures.” In the spirit of totally celebrating girliness, I’m going to use their categories and offer my favorites…

Beauty binge: Recently it’s been fun eyeliner. I now own it in four colors…it always reminds me so pleasantly of stage makeup. I feel like a diva when I swipe it on in the morning. Traditionally, though, it’s lip gloss…I must have seven different kinds in my purse.

Cheesy movie: For total chick flick, it’s You’ve Got Mail or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. For campy and hilarious, it’s Clue or Tommy Boy. “Shut up, Richard!”

Cocktail: I usually don’t drink, but if I do, it’s going to be sangria. Preferably at a tapas bar in Spain…but I’ll take it in the States too.

Fashion addiction: Mossimo tank tops from Target. I have seven of them, and I looove them. They’re soft and casual and cute. And long enough…they don’t require constant tugging.

Fast food: Rosa’s chicken fajitas with queso…the BEST. I think I eat them three times a week. At least.

Karaoke song: Don McLean’s “American Pie”…yes, all seven-ish minutes of it. My dad and I know EVERY word. (He likes the part where the marching band refused to yield, since I was in band in high school.) Oh, and Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.”

Midnight snack: Dark chocolate. Or ice cream, if we have it. Or both.

How about y’all? Guilty pleasures? I’m curious. (But please not too guilty…keep it PG-rated! And guys, if you’re weearing lip gloss and eyeliner…well, I really don’t want to know.)

Happy Monday!

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