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I know it’s not Halloween yet, but this past weekend, I had a chance to dress up anyway. The Honors College at ACU threw a masquerade party, and because my sweet Bethany works there, J and I were invited. I’ve been known to construct elaborate costumes in the past, but this year I wanted something quick, easy, simple and immediately recognizable. So I was especially proud of the finished result, below:


Yes. We are Scrabble tiles.

(And we’re bundled up because it’s FREEZING. I had on four layers under my “tile” and I was STILL cold.)

Here’s a back view:

scrabble back

Here we are with Bethany the gypsy (she must have been even colder than we were):

with b

And here is Kelsey, who was my personal fave for Most Clever Costume of the night:

kels teabag

Isn’t she the cutest little teabag you’ve ever seen?

I’m still not sure if we’re dressing up for actual Halloween – but I am so proud of these costumes that we just might reuse them if we do. Anyone else dressing up this year?

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