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Let’s talk about breakfast.

I am a breakfast person. (Especially when breakfast involves tea in my favorite mug and a slice of something yummy):

I don’t just mean I like breakfast, or even that I enjoy big, sumptuous breakfasts. (Though I do love breakfast food, and my grandfather’s breakfast spreads are one of the chief joys of visiting their house. The man fries a mean egg, and there’s always plenty of bacon.)

No, I am a person who NEEDS breakfast, both as wake-up aid (hello, black tea) and as fuel to get me through the morning. Without it, I wilt by 11 a.m., becoming not only cranky but downright woozy. (Just ask my husband what happened one day on our honeymoon when we slept late and skipped breakfast so we could head out to lunch sooner. I nearly collapsed as we walked into the cafe, and he panicked, dashing to the counter and grabbing me a snickerdoodle so I wouldn’t pass out. Which, fortunately, I didn’t.)

Anyway. I cannot skip breakfast, but I don’t want to fuss with it either – and I rarely get up in time to cook it. So I’m always looking for quick, healthy, delicious ways to spice up my usual routine of a cup of black tea and a bowl of cereal/oatmeal with fruit. Especially as winter approaches, I’d like some heartier options, to stick to my ribs before I head out into the cold.

So I put the question to you, dear readers: do you eat breakfast? Do you love breakfast? And do you have any suggestions for me?

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