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Happy Memorial Day, all. I hope you’ve enjoyed the first long weekend of the summer (our Canadian friends beat us to it, with Victoria Day last week).

I wanted to share another favorite new artist with you – Molly Venter, who was part of the showcase we heard at SXSW in March. Her music is difficult to categorize, which is part of why I love it. I’m listening to her as I type, and well, she’s part folk, part rock, part bluesy and all “indie.” (I’m still not sure I’m cool enough to know what that means.)

Because I’m a writer, I’m a lyrics girl – I tend to like musicians who write/sing soulful, honest lyrics, regardless of the style. (This is why I love country music – so much of it is good writing, about the things that matter.) Molly writes her own stuff and oh, I love her way with words. Here are a few favorite lyrics:

I’ve lost my taste for keeping score
I don’t know what’s real anymore
– Real Anymore

Love me like you mean it – like I’m the only thing you need
I’m not holding back on you, so don’t hold back on me
-Love Me Like You Mean It

I would write you a letter 100 pages long
And I would knit you a sweater so you could see the time I spent on it
And I would make you five dozen cookies, all your favorite kinds
And I would wrap them up and send them as fast as I could
So they would get there in time…
-Write You a Letter

You can listen to some of her songs on her Myspace site, and here are a couple of videos:

Who’s on your playlist (or stereo, or iPod) lately?

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