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My husband and I aren’t big TV- or movie-watchers. We do love our Friends DVDs – they’re a great antidote to a bad day – and we enjoyed watching The Muppet Show last fall and a little Friday Night Lights this winter. And I love me a good chick flick when I’m feeling low. But since we activated the Netflix gift subscription my sister sent for Christmas, we have watched a total of one streamed movie and a few episodes of FNL. So I canceled it last week.

The thing is, when I get home (usually before J does) after a day of screen time, I tend to putter around, cleaning and tidying, or I curl up on the couch with a book. Then, we love to eat dinner at the table together, instead of spaced out in front of a movie (though we’ll do that once in a while). And after dinner, J often gets out his guitar (or the brand-spanking-new djembe he got for his birthday), and spends a while making music, while I read, write, bake or sing along with him.

Of course, some nights we zone out in front of our computers, or we both get home late and we’re just frazzled. But by and large, I like our quiet evenings. And I’m trying to spend part of my evenings doing what Felicity mentioned in her post about small changes a while back: producing instead of consuming. Even if it’s just knitting a few rows, or scribbling some notes in a journal, or drafting a blog post or two, it feels good to make something. And, well, not much gets made if I’m watching TV (or surfing the Internet).

So, for now, at least, we are a Netflix-free family. And it feels good.

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