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On our very first Sunday in Boston, J and I found ourselves wandering Beacon Hill, with our friend Drew, who came on our long crazy road trip to help with the driving. Drew has a really nice camera, which elicited a comment from a distinguished-looking older gentleman who gave him a few suggestions of Beacon Hill landmarks to shoot. We were all famished, so we asked him where we should go to eat lunch. He recommended the Paramount Cafe. “It’s where all the locals go,” he said.

Two things: 1. He’s right. 2. There’s a good reason.

I have since been to the Paramount several times, and while I hear the burgers are good and the paninis and salads look delicious, nothing has convinced me to try anything other than the delectable fruit pancakes. You can get banana, apple cinnamon, strawberry (my favorite so far), slathered with butter and sprinkled with powdered sugar…and, well, YUM.

There’s always a line spilling out the door, and the cooks talk and joke in Spanish as they press hot irons onto the bacon, sprinkle fruit onto the pancakes, chop up bananas for fruit salad, take orders and slide them onto plates. The orange juice and lemonade are both fresh squeezed, and even though you aren’t allowed to save tables, somehow one is always available when you get to the end of the line.

I mean, I’m no food photographer, but doesn’t this look delicious? Because I’m here to tell you: it IS.

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