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If you’ve ever moved to a new city, state or country, you know that moving requires a tremendous amount of paperwork. Since I’ve lived in West Texas most of my life, except for my times in Oxford, I’d never done the out-of-state thing before. Some bits of paperwork, like the USPS change of address form, are quick and fairly simple; some, like getting new car or health insurance, or registering a vehicle, seem expressly designed to frustrate and confuse. I’ve been dealing with some of that this week, as well as the ever-increasing angst and worry of not having a job. Nobody told me how quickly the job search starts to wear on your patience, confidence and feelings of self-worth.

I’ve wished at least a dozen times this week that someone would just swoop in and take care of this for me. That someone else would pay the parking ticket I got because I don’t have a resident sticker, which I don’t have because I haven’t registered my car in Mass, which I haven’t done because I’ve been trying to work out how to switch our car insurance (apparently our State Farm policy doesn’t transfer up here). I’ve wished so much that I could get out of this house-that-Jack-built absurdity, and let someone else – a grown-up – take care of it all. (As well as finding a new doctor, a new hairdresser, temporary health insurance and – oh yeah – finding a job.)

But I’m realizing, over and over again, that I am the grown-up now. I’m the one who finally called the auto insurance company yesterday to set up a new policy. I’m the one who’ll have to deal with the resultant pile of paperwork that will eventually culminate in me being an official Mass resident. I’m the one who, even if I do have a meltdown over all this bureaucracy, has to pick myself up and keep going.

I don’t always like being a grown-up. It sure isn’t quite as much fun as it seemed when I was a kid. But I know it’ll all work out in the end – yes, even the job thing. So I’m trying to be gentle with myself, drink another cup of tea, take a few deep breaths and then keep going. Because that’s what grown-ups do. Even when life is messy and frustrating and full of pitfalls, they keep going. They don’t hide behind other people; they do it themselves; they face whatever minor irritations or big problems come their way.

(Although, in my opinion, grown-ups also take breaks, allow themselves time to slow down and read good books and hang out with friends. All of which are definitely on the agenda for this weekend.)

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