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After this winter, I thought summer would never come. (I know you know that, since I whined for months about it here on the blog.) But it’s here. It’s finally here. And I am loving it. I don’t even mind the 90-degree days, because 1) they aren’t 105 degrees, such as my poor parents have been sweating through in Texas, and 2) after months of being cold around the edges, it’s lovely to be warm all the way through.

I’m reveling in every bit of delight about summer, including:

1. Bare feet/sandals/pretty toenail polish.
2. Dresses, skirts, shorts and bare legs.
3. A bit of healthy tan, though I wear the sunscreen religiously.
4. Fresh fruits – raspberries, blackberries, cherries, blueberries, peaches. YUM.
5. Haagen-Dazs fruit sorbet. J and I might be addicted.
6. Lunchtime picnics, on the Common or in the Public Garden.
7. The occasional shower and thunderstorm, with the windows open.
8. Sinking back into Harry Potter, which has always felt like a summer series to me.
9. More summer reading – I can never get enough.
10. Simple meals – pizza, pasta, salad – with fresh tomatoes and basil.
11. Our thriving balcony garden, the source of said basil.
12. Sunset dinners on said balcony.
13. Lemonade.
14. A bit of decluttering, and moving the winter coats to the hall closet.
15. The whir of ceiling and box fans.
16. Going home early on Fridays.
17. Visits from friends (this weekend!) and family (next weekend!).
18. Summer sales.
19. Open windows all the time.
20. Gelato in the North End (on my summer list).
21. Cookouts and pool time.
22. Lilies, impatiens, geraniums and other flowers.
23. The 4th of July fireworks spectacular, which lived up to its name.
24. Looking forward to more Free Fun Fridays, Shakespeare on the Common and more fun events.
25. Author events around town – looking forward to meeting Laura Harrington tomorrow night.
26. Summer music – light, bright, fun.
27. Long, long evenings full of light.
28. Blackberry, ginger peach and mango teas.
29. Farmer’s market bounty.

What are you loving this summer?


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