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Scrabble pillows

My dear friend Jon has a knack for finding the most lovely unexpected things. Check out these wonderful pillows from the Bloomberg offices in London:

Valerie and I had a fabulous time brainstorming what the couches in our Oxford houses (or her house in Abilene, fondly known as House 9) would have said. “Oxford,” “gelato,” “Whitby,” “kebabs,” “travel,” “Blackwells,” “Canterbury,” “Aldates,” “open market”…the list goes on…all the way to Val’s favorite, “talent show extravaganza!” I told her she’d have to have a whole room for that one. 🙂

If I had more than one small loveseat in my small flat, what would I want my couch(es) to say? I think I’d want them to say things like “Dance,” “Live,” “Laugh,” “Joy,” “Hope” and “Friend.” Maybe “Stay” or “Relax” or “Play.” What would your couches say?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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