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1. A batch of Ron’s oaty scones.
2. A wee baby hat for a friend, out of leftover sock yarn.
3. A patch for some jeans, rendering them wearable again.
4. A few new outfits with items I already own.
5. Quite a few blog posts.
6. A patio container garden. (So far: mint, basil and a geranium.)
7. Packing lists.
8. Order out of chaos in our apartment.
9. Lots and lots of wedding decor.
10. A couple of summery salads.
11. Cream of jalapeno soup on a chilly night.
12. Pages of scribbled ideas in my journal.
13. A strawberry-rhubarb crisp.
14. A few simple, healthy dinners.
15. Packages to send to friends.

What are you making these days? (Check out the wonderful stuff happening at 30 Days of Creativity. Inspiring!)


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I have a garden!

Red fiberglass pots: $15 each (x 3=$45)
Patio tomato plant: $6
Basil plant: $3.50
Rosemary plant: $3.50
Hand trowel: $4
Potting mix: $6.50 a bag (x 2=$13)
Red geranium: $15

Total cost for my patio garden: $90

Satisfaction in tending to growing things, getting dirt under my fingernails, having herb-scented hands, the sight of bright red geranium blossoms and making my own pesto [recipe from A Homemade Life] from my own basil leaves?

It’s early yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s priceless.

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Town Garden

I am newly in love with the garden shop on North Parade, Town Garden. In the middle of preparing breakfast this morning, I had to run to the 9-to-9 to get milk, and the Town Garden man was setting out his stock and whistling. He bade me a cheery “G’morning” as I perused his stock of herbs, pots, gardening tools, herb-scented candles, and potted pansies (a pound each!). I was sorely tempted to buy some bulbs or perhaps a pansy, though I took my leave without purchasing anything. But I will be going back – and probably not just to browse the adorable Japanese lanterns and the lovely lace-up gardening boots. I haven’t got much space to garden, but I do think a living plant or two would brighten up both my houses this winter.

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