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As the days grow gradually shorter and the temperatures continue to dip, my tea consumption has shot up alarmingly.

This happens every fall: after a summer of drinking blackberry sage or ginger peach tea with breakfast (and a very occasional cup in the afternoon), I start mainlining flavored black tea like it’s my job.

I stock up on certain blends when the weather begins to feel fall-ish: Boston (cranberry almond) and Cranberry Autumn (cranberry orange) from Harney, pumpkin chai from David’s Tea, lots of Earl Grey. I love the chai lattes at Darwin’s, but I mostly brew my autumnal favorites over and over again when I’m at home.

This season, I’ve been enjoying a few new teas from a company called Plum Deluxe in Portland, Oregon.

Andy, the founder of Plum Deluxe, emailed me recently to ask if I’d like to try some of his blends. I was especially intrigued by the Reading Nook tea (what a great name!), but told him I also like Earl Grey and other flavored black teas. He sent me three samples (in a purple envelope):

plum deluxe teas

The Reading Nook blend has a black tea base, but it’s very floral: it involves lavender, rose petals and chamomile. The Vanilla Latte tea (a black tea base with honeybush tea) has the sweetness of vanilla and the spice of cardamom. And the Mindful Morning tea is my favorite – it’s a twist on Earl Grey with vanilla and an extra hit of citrus.

I’ve been enjoying all three – at the kitchen table, or on the front patio when it’s warm enough.

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I love my standby teas, but it’s fun to try something new once in a while. And I’m always happy to spread the word about a small business that’s doing something I love. If you’re a tea drinker, I’d encourage you to check out the Plum Deluxe website.

Happy sipping! What kind of tea do you like to drink in the fall?

I received free samples of these teas in exchange for an honest review, but was not otherwise compensated for this post.


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