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Last week, our friends Katherine and Andrew came to visit. This trip was Katherine’s graduation gift to herself – she’d been to Boston before, loved it, and wanted to come back and show Andrew around. So they spent several days walking the Freedom Trail and going to museums, browsing the stacks at the Brattle and watching the penguins at the aquarium, and slogging through the most miserably damp weather we’d had in a while.

Fortunately, on Friday afternoon, the weather cleared – enough for a lovely walk along the wharves of Boston Harbor, with sailboats and puffy clouds and early-evening sunshine.

And then, as J and I discreetly hung back (me with my camera at the ready), Andrew pulled out a compass, in which was hidden a lovely sapphire ring, and asked Katherine to marry him.

As you might have guessed already, she said yes.

Happy Love Thursday, all. There’s a whole lot of love in the world.

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