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the purse mystique

I need some feedback, guys. Bethany (my roommate) and I had a really hilarious idea for an article yesterday. While reminiscing about our grandmothers and how they taught us to put on lipstick when we were little (solely a girl thing, I know), we started talking about women’s purses and the mystique associated with them. I know Jeremiah used to get his wrist slapped for reaching into his mom’s purse as a kid – it was sacred space. What about the rest of you men? Are women’s purses sacrosanct? Did your mom/grandmother/sister/wife/daughter ever make a big deal about you rummaging through her purse? I need to see if this is a widespread phenomenon, and well, you guys are pretty diverse. 😉 Ladies, feel free to leave feedback as well. Do you get on to your husband/son/boyfriend/guy friends for violating your purse space? I’m trying to get some thoughts so this whole thing can gel. I may even quote you if you are particularly witty or clever. 🙂 So please, comment away! Please please!

By the way, ANOTHER ARTICLE of mine ran in a Relevant e-newsletter yesterday. I’ll either post it on the blog or…figure out something clever. Cheers!

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